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The Church

Lying pastors looking to Donald Trump For Relief

The greatest religion ever to come to earth is Christianity and pastors have messed it up! I can’t stop trying to get you to see reality that the church that was supposed to lift Up God’s name and share his character around the world has been hijacked by lying thieving money making pastors that  has turned the church of Jesus Christ into the FALSE CHURCH where pastor’s  pretend but can’t prove anything they say. Yes, 10 percent of what they say is true and 90 percent is nothing but lies.

Take a look at the silly pastors lobbing around Donald Trump.  Let me put this as plain as I can get for right now. Why, are these ministers interested in who can fight their battles for a better life in government? Who can best give them freedom, equality, more money and wealth? Not God! Some of them are begging Donald Trump to get them where they want to get in life.

Many black pastors that was invited did not go, but made statements that he didn’t represent what they believed in and that was, “women rights,” “flight of blacks,” “Black Lives Matter” and the economy among other things.

These are the same pastors that get you in church and tell you to “turn it over to God.” “That through God, all things was possible.” “God will answer prayer,” “God never fail,” “God will come when you call him,” “leave it in God’s hand,” “pray on it,” “God will answer your prayer.”

They even get in church and through the devil pretend to dance and shout while falling out under the spirit of the devil trying to mimic the power of God. When the dust settle, nothing has occurred but foolish people showing that they really need the word of God in them real bad.

Here’s what I’m alluding to! These well know and high polluting false Bishops and pastors have been, all along, telling you how to reach God and fix your problems are not believing and trusting in God as they say. They are not expecting God to put the right person in office, as some say...... Oh.... shut!!!  They are not even separating themselves from church and state as most believe should be done.

But here they are, fumbling and stumbling around Donald trump to be their savior. Just watch TV! These pastors are dressed like and act like, to you, that they are big wheels. Donald Trump is trying to get them to get you to rally around his backers like, “the Tea Party,” “white supremacist” and other race groups and even the Republican Evangelicals who dislike everything about you and even stick with cop killers when they shoot blacks down with no more thought as that given to an animal.

Some pastors that attended said they were there to see what he had to say.  What! I know what Satan stand for so why would I want to hear what he have to say. That’s foolish!

Let me make this point. There are many black and white pastors that stand by Donald Trump and say he is not a racists because he gave and or give jobs to blacks. Listen people, we have been working and voting  for racists all our lives and will continue to do so. Donald Trump is Know different. This is how it is.

There are whites Christians and many others to this day that support policies against our well being. But these benefits are given under the law and not from their heart. Yet, they claim Christianity when some businesses close on Sunday and others open later in day honoring, they think, God!

For any pastor to say there is no racism and Republicans are not racists is just blame fools and should not be in the pulpit leading and teaching people anything about truth and common sense. Most of these pastors that listened to Donald Trump were Republicans blacks. I know they were when they talked about black being made wealthy under Donald Trump and our problem is with Obama.

If we all get wealthy, who does the work? The poor will always be with you, the bible say. People need to be paid decent wages from Christian businesses that employ them, then steal, rob and with hold Unions from them to keep them from having to properly promote safety work environment for employees. Yes, you work for Christians!

But getting back to these false pastors, I just want you to see that in church you are subjected to imaginary lies that you allow to easily clog you senses. God is not involved in our affairs and no one can prove it. Why can’t people see this. Your pastors and these pastors are evidence of if..

They are now as you see doing what we all are suppose to do and that is get out and fight for your rights. This is what you are supposed to do. That’s why we vote and get into politics.

By the way, while I’m thinking about it, there was a woman pastor that claimed she did not attend Donald Trump’s meeting because she didn’t believe in church and politics together… This lady is a liar. There is know way any one can vote in a political party or for an politician to hold office and not be involved in politics. We vote for the best person to help us. God is not running for office to do our will. Politician’s are.

Pastors are lying to you for your money, power and prestige and can do nothing for you.  It is you that has to take control of your life, to vote in order to make our life better…..  And you will vote! You will not ask God to nominate the right person. You will do that your self. I know this and you know this to. So, start challenging the false lies you see going on in church and ask these pastors………

“if you can get God to do so much, why has it been well over 500 years and blacks are still begging for rights and just wanting to live and be accepted as human beings in many of the countries around the world, especially right here in the United States?”

But yet, here we are… pastors still marching, begging for rights. Now, do this seem like something is wrong with the picture they paint to you in their churches.

Learn the true way to serve and worship God away from a building. In your!  Read The truth on my web site and you will never be the same again. When you get there, think about it! Better yet, think about it now!..  Then think about it more!