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Does Going to Church or Temple make you a Christian

So much need to be said about this issue of going to Church. Some where in history, people that became worshipers came to the conclusion that the Church must mast together to form a coalition with each other within a structure. Thus, Churches were built for Christians not replacing temples or synagogues and Christians moved into them making them the center point of God's holiness.

Through out modern time Churches were and still are built in groves in all kind of monumental designs. Having signs of welcome and all sort of phrases to impress the outsider etched and carved on small to very large signs hanging in front or on top of the Church to extra large paid roadside billboard signs. All advertising the greatness of them there in.

Yes, for years the Church has appeared in all kind of settings and marvelous designs, drawing large numbers of people that flood them. They enter being very quiet and polite and, oh yes, humble, giving honor to the sanctuary where they believe the Spirit of God dwell.

Pastors over centuries has embedded in Church goers that to be a Christian you or they must maintain a constant relationship with and in the Church to guarantee one's salvation. That after a week of work and partying, time must be taken out to go to Church and worship God and, of course, give thanks.

This is not the first message I've written on this subject and will not be the last. But when you see so many blind people being taken advantage of by Satan it make you feel sorry for the people and even more for uneducated pastors posing as teachers being held in the grip of Satan unwilling to break loose for money and power sake causing the destruction.

I want to take the time with this message to get you to open your mind and think once again on things that have been taught wrongly and is and will continue to be taught to people thus, leaving them thinking things are well with their soul. Blind false service loosing ground,  going up hill falling faster than the climb.

Folks are charmed by Churches and things there in while pastors welcome all into God's place of worship and Let all be silent!

What am I alluding to? It's to the misleading and twisting of the word of God as to the need for people and or Christians to go to Church to so called hear a word  from God or find God whom has never been lost.

Every one in Church has heard the phrase, "it's not the building that Christ reside in but you." That you are the Church. This is in everyday thinking to be true. But in reality, we can never be the Church.

Churches existed well before Christ to house all sort of pagan religions. In fact, the word Church only refer to a building. A structure of wood, metal or stone. It is never referred to as being a living entity. Therefore man cannot be the Church, nor can a building live within man.

However, like today, once an object is named, no matter who named it, it become the norm for what every one thereon will call it. Therefore, "Church" in ancient time referred to a religious building, thus stuck the name just like the word "rock". Christian cannot be referred to as the Church for you are saying you are a building.

Even when one say they are going to Church or I have to go to Church implies that the word "Church" relates to Christ. When one hear it mention the feeling of Christ is invoked in one's mind. Yet, Church is just a word invented by pagans to represent a religious building no matter what is going on in it, It does not belong to Christians along.

Though pagan, Church is no more pagan as the name "chicken" or fish,.... ummm gooddddd,  so lets move on with my thoughts.

As I've pointed out in previous thoughts, Christians obligations are to take the gospel to those lacking it or, as of now, taking it to those abusing it while giving warning and corrections to those that have been twisted and confused by false pastors, ministers and their flock about it. .... This paragraph is worth reading again.......

Christians obligations are to take the gospel to those lacking it, or, as of now, taking it to those abusing it while giving warning and corrections to those that have been twisted and confused by false pastors, ministers and their flock about it.

People treat this Church or building as though God himself ordained it or live in it. They Live like hell all week then pretend like they are something special to Christ on your worship day. Fooling yourselves.

Christ said, "upon this Rock" (Peter), "I will build my Church." Matthew 16:18.  Jesus is not using the word Church as representing  building or actual Church but referring to a different type of people that will serve God through him by the word he bring from God and this new religion will start through Peter, a strong believer.

Church has nothing to do with Christians as having hundred of thousands of buildings to preach the word of God from. Jesus told us to go out onto the highways and hedges and deliver the gospel. Because this has never been done since bible days, the results is what we see now.

Nothing but mixed up people failing in preaching the true gospel to the people, thus, ended up with gays out of control, murder out of control, theft and robbery out of control, hate out of control, jealousy out of control, fornication out of control, adultery out of control, spite out of control, envy out of control, liars out of control, back bitters out of control, gossipers out of control, lusting out of control.

Even pride out of control, drunkenness out of control, violence out of control, hunger out of control, sickness out of control, diseases out of control, slick conning pastors out of control, twisting the word of God out of control, robbery of the people of God out of control, curser's out of control, playing in Church out of control, drugs and dope out of control, gun violence out of control, guns in the hands of so-called Christian out of control and the list goes on.

All of the above are the people pilling inside Churches (buildings) every Sunday. (Yes, the word 'Sunday" is indeed pagan and not in the same category as the word "Church.")

To continue..... We have failed Christ and is an embarrassment before God. We have, not me, used a building and advertising signs to lure people into the Church rather than obey the word of God and go to them. For the love is for the building rather than for God.

God also said he did not live in a house made by hand. This rule out the Church as being something except to teach in. Then how many do you need since Christian should be teaching families and others themselves. We are God's teachers and we are millions.

The Church as man has made it depletes the work of Christ as going out into midst of people and teach the word of God. Christ and the disciples stayed on the road going every where they could.

The intent is to teach and past this knowledge on. Word of mouth spread quicker than building a building then waiting for sinners to come to you when Jesus went to them.

Yes, in Revelation the Seven Churches were signaled out. When reading about places the disciples went, it is clear that these  Churches were suppose to be teaching and learning buildings rather than a place to hold up in to play games and devise devilish ways to entertain themselves while the word of God grew ever so dim on the outside.

Some were doing good but fault was found. Simply do a better job in teaching people was the basic. Thus, hard headiness, greed and sex led to the gospel being lost for quite a while, caused by people huddling permanently in building voiding the word of God.

Now,..... your body is the Temple of God or the Spirit of God or the word of God that dwell inside of you. This simply mean you now represent the Most High God on earth and is expected to act and do accordingly.

The word Temple was used just as it was used in Old Testament times. When it was spoken it carried a sort of fear and respect because God once dwelled in a temple. Just the sounding of the word bring on power and thought unlike the word Church. Even today a Temple out weigh the sounding of a Church.

It is very possible that areas in the New Testament that state "Church" could have easily read "Temple", since we are refered to as  the "Temple of God" rather than you are the Church of God.

Just mentioning this bring on thought as to why two different saying, "Temple of God" and the "Church" would mention in the New Testament.  It is said that Jews did attempt to interfere with Christian writings out of their dislike for Christians.

God has always preferred the word Temple. Temples are huge. The Catholic Church copied the Temple theme when it built the great Vatican Church. I doubt very much that the Vatican will out shine the New Jerusalem where Jesus will sit as Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

There are no Churches in Heaven just  Temple(s). Therefore, the New Jerusalem will have to be or have in it a humongous Beautiful Temple of worship and ruler ship position as never seen on earth before.  Not a Church.

Now, ...... what about those crowding the Churches or buildings? Being cramped inside doing nothing can only lead to "nothing from nothing leaving nothing."

Centuries of this type of worshiping has produced what I've outline above. Nothing!  A nation of people not knowing whether they are the word of God or a building called a Church is pitiful.

In conclusion, what will your argument before god be except "I went to Church regularly? Is that it? That's your problem! You went to Church, the building but never became the "Temple of God."

But you say, " I taught some people." Did you teach them right without foolishness? Did you understand what you were teaching? Are you helping the sick, the blind, the poor, the widow and etc. What about your character? Doing these things without the love of God mean nothing, Empty works!

How can you serve God if you will not come out of the Church (building) onto the highways and into the hedges, so to speak?

Most is lost and that's a fact. Many go to Church and should have graduated a long time ago becoming teachers to others but still hugging the building. What will it take to get people out of it and leave it to those wanting to no about Christ. You have to graduate sometime.

Remember! You are not the Church but the word of God. You think about it!

The Church