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Do God really wake us in the morning

Here is a case where pastors have spent centuries filling generations of people heads with false and misleading information. You have been told that God wake us up in the morning by pastors, thus, because he or she is your pastor you believe with out thought or challenging them that this true.

Well, let me burst your bubble once more. There is no such thing. We wake by mechanisms built into us just like we go to sleep then wake. To say God wake us from sleep is to say he put us to sleep.

To put some to sleep he would have to follow different ones around, lets say, at night for them to finish night clubbing or doing sinful things or even waiting around until all of us feel very tired and then put us too sleep. Boy! How busy is God!

This doesn't make much sense, but if you believe in God waking you, then you must believe he has nothing to do but leave his Throne and follow billions of people around waiting for the very moment to snap his finger and whammo! Out like a light!

However, if he's doing such a thing it would be nice if he put some people to bed early. It certainly would cut down on crime, don't you think!

Let me make this clearer. I believe with all my heart that if God, the almighty, touched us to wake us up, there would be no way we would not be healed from his touch.

Why would God wake someone to continue suffering in sickness? Why would God wake a murderer knowing they will kill innocence people that day? Why wake a rapist knowing they will rape children or more women through out their life?

Listen, if God woke them knowing they are going to do these things, then wouldn't these people be justified in what they did since God woke them knowing what they was going do?

Do you actually think God wake ISIS terrorist to terrorize and cut off the heads of innocence people every day? Wouldn't they too be justified if God, knowingly, wake them to continue cutting people heads off and terrorizing the world.

Well, according to the way you are taught, you do.  And if you still believe God touches and wake people, then you should stop condemning what sinful people does. They have an alibi.

Church people tell some of the biggest lies ever when they stand in church and say, "God woke them this morning." Or "if God wouldn't have woke me this morning I wouldn't me here."

Then they began to tell sad stories about their life or about someone else's misery. Can you believe it? God woke them in their sadness, sickness and trouble without healing or fixing their problems nor others they talk about whom God also woke in their misery.....

Think about it!  A healing God that will not heal you when he touches you but allow you to continue taking diabetic pill, hearth pills, cancer pills and on and on when he touch and wake you up.

Listen up! No people, God is not involved in waking billions of people nor putting billions of people to "bed de by"
each night or when they're tired all around the world and in all kind of places.

No! God does not put people asleep while driving causing them to kill themselves or others. No, not even on the job. He do not wake someone up to be killed by another. Nor a suffering sweet child to suffer more.

The truth is, God is not involved in our business at all. He is not supposed to. It is not time. It couldn't be Jesus because he said he was going away to prepare a place, a mansion for us and will not return until it was finished. So who and what is this god, church people keep saying is waking them up.

From the beginning of time God placed organs in our body to provide certain functions. We operate off what God has designed and put in us. Since we are not immortals, the body require a certain amount of rest. Since God told man to build and multiply, therefore, when the body has properly rested to a degree or less, it wakes to complete it's task. These are designs God created within us. It work automatically!

The bible state, " liars will not enter Heaven." Church people are rooted in lies. They no nothing of being wise and full of understanding. Seeking and finding the truth.  Living by the true word of God. Caring, loving and obedience. They no nothing about brother and sister in the Lord. "They rather believe in a lie than the truth," the bible state.

Let me ask you a question? Who do you think God is? How are you looking at God? Do you actually see God as God or as a thought! As a sound! As a name you have become so familiar with that it's as easy to say as breathing with no thought to it.

Start to see God as though you are hungry. When you are hungry you think of good things that hunger want to be satisfied by. Think of all the power food that can be eaten. You go ummm good when you finally satisfy your hunger. You feel full and excited. You remember the taste for ever.

You must see God the same way. First you must recognized that God is real. He does exist with power almighty. He has death and life in his hand. He demand respect unseen. He is a giver of his words that must be followed. He should be feared. Feared because he hold life and death in his hand.

But most people do not fear him, respect or believe in him. They respect their pastors more. They will not let their pastor see them do wrong but can care less or fear the Angle of God that watches and keep tabs on them or us. God is just a thought and nothing more.

To know God is to Know he does not do stupid stuff that makes no sense. As Christians, we are suppose to have good sense. Able to look into situations and find the good and the bad, the truth and the lie.

Why should I, over all these centuries, be just now bringing truth to you when great ministers before me have not? Is it because I care about you as a creation of God and want the best for you when you stand before God rather than seeking wealth for myself from you? It's because I care about you!

Instead of believing in lies, you have better start discerning what is true and what is a lie and start renewing your mind. If not, there is nothing God can do with a liar.  And people,there are a lot of lying going on and a lot of false churches in the United Stated and around the world. You need to learn who they are.

Just "meditate on these things," say the bible, which mean to think on the stuff you're hearing! Just say, "do this or that really sound right." "Do that really make sense."

If you can't tell and still want to justify, then "in vain do you worship God."
Now think about it!