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The Church

Detroit and Lying Black Pastors

If you are watching the candidates, I point you toward another instance of the false church. It is seen in black Republicans hosting Donald Trump. He will meet with Wayne Jackson, a big timer that built a mansion and millions off lying to his congregation.

It seem this man and his relationship with racists bother him not. He have voted so long with racists that he thinks like them and see no wrong in them. In fact, Jackson  and those sticking with Trump are just as dangerous to sound minded blacks as the KKK and other race groups that seem to flourish in the Republican Party.

But enough with that part of them. What I want to discuss is what I always speak on and that’s the lies constantly told by people that call themselves the church.  Tomorrow in Detroit, Donald Trump will meet with Republican clowns at a building they ignorantly call the church, to try an prove to sensible black people that Trump can be our savior as he is theirs and “what have we got to lose” foolishness.

I’m saying this to get you to see how pastors have been lying to you for well over a thousands years about God doing this and that for you or for those calling themselves the Church. Not so! This is another proof.

Bishop Jackson is hosting Trump in Detroit because he finds Trump a savior for black people. He will ask Trump 12 ready prepared questions they gave him in advanced to try an appeal to Democratic blacks .

This pastor and other Republican Mega church pastors along with their congregation should be having a moment of reality or can‘t see the forest for the trees.

Now what am I talking about? It’s this! These Mega Churches that make their living lying to people and robbing them have finally realized, themselves, that God is not working for them in their lives and is not giving them a thing, not even us. Only one man can truly make a good life for them, Donald Trump! What do this say?

What! Do you mean all the time when they were telling us, them, you, that God will fix it for you us or turn it over to Jesus, or God will get you a good job, home, nice car, heal you, or pray to him to make things come down, pray for him to build our neighborhoods are really not true! You mean these pastors are lying to us? Yep!!!

God has already done what he was going to do for us. As a Christian you should know it and that.

Wayne Jackson is sucking on Donald Trump like ants on a lollipop. He has been shouting to his mega churches to trust God with your finances but now he’s saying, Donald Trump, not God, will do for blacks.

He and other black Republicans will meet with him and ask him to save them. To save the country. To get rid of Mexicans because they are buying up all the Pepsi Colas and taking jobs from every one.

Do you see the foolishness and the lies pastors have been telling you, us. Even the Democratic pastors are doing the same. Vote Hillary because she is best to help us, not God.

Look! Either you believe in God doing things for you or believe in the candidates working on your behalf. You can’t have both and don’t. Yes, we, you believe in the candidates. This is why we vote for them. And 121 + millions will vote. Now if this be so and it is,

WHY do you go to a building then? For what, you just admitted God is not giving it to you so you turn to these Candidates and others? What can you say this Sunday or after the election?

You say we, I  love God and in our hearts we move forward helping each other as we should be according to the word of God..

Yes, both whites and blacks and others are playing a dangerous game of lying on God. Those that does it will go to hell for lying. This is a fact!

Wayne Jackson is proving or if you read this after His and Trump meeting, that he is a fake and so are the ones that take him to heart. Wayne Jackson and numb skull pastors like pastor Barns both are wolves in sheep clothing.

The fake scam artist Trump will never get the majority of black votes no matter how many buildings he enter. Spanish surrogates are now leaving him. The truth will set you free.

By the way! One of the question Trump will answer is about his faith in God. Afterward Trump will meet be broadcasted and will speak live to Jackson’s congregation. Give me a brake!