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The Church
Demon Possession Show In Your Actions

True Christians should be at the work of their savior. Yet, the false Church is for going along to get alone. They refuse to see the nastiness and filthy mouth people, that not only embarrass themselves, but their families. These are those that do not believe they are the works of the devil when they act like and talk like him. They are fooling themselves.

Satan has many ways to control someone. He start with the mind, confusing them and telling them their action look good.But when one fight, shoot, kill, talk filthy in public with no shame, this is a sign of Devil possession. They have allowed Satan to take away and control their common sense.

Another sign of demon possession is anger, ready to attack any one that tries to separate them from Satan.
cursing is another possession and so is a foul mouth. These have no control over themselves. Satan is a murderer, a killer running loose devouring or controlling all he can. His actions and character is placed into those that he search around to find.

Through these, Satan work invisible through them to bring more souls over to him. A success story is when nastiness, and filthy talk and actions break civil obedience because they love chaos and destruction. Thinking themselves bad and threaten.

Soon, if not without intervention, they soon take on the looks of their father, Satan.

They fight against anything good and love the bad. The filthier it is the more they like it. The Bible say, "then, they are with out control."

The devils of Satan has made him happy when they report, "we left a demon with this one and got them bound." " We have them under control and can easily find more." There are many." Satan said, " did you get their friends," The demon answered, "yes." Satan said, "good," we are many and have did much and brought much harm to this world. One day, these nasty, filthy, lying follower of mine will sit me in a seat where I will rule the world.

Yes, all the kingdoms will bough to me as their King." The Satan asked, "How is the false Church coming?" "We still have them," say one demon." "Most of them is ours." "It keep getting easier."

Have you met our brothers and sisters on Facebook and Twitter, grinned Satan." "They are some of my best works."

Listen good people, you must break from Satan and return to God. Get control over yourselves and respect your creator, God! Take time to just listen to yourselves. Take time to look at your life. Who do you represent. Birds of a feather flock together. The family of Satan flock together! Think about it.