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Weekend Finisher

You can't Defeat violence with prayer

I've been spending much time trying to defeat twisted pastors from tricking people into believing God will do things that make no sense at all.

I want people to start thinking and meditating on things you hear coming out of and devised by false pastors and churches of today.

When ever I can, I will share some of the craziest stuff pastors are doing and saying, then state God put it on their heart.

Don't forget that Satan has long crept into the Christian Church and people's minds are seared with hot irons.

Foolishness has been taught for so long that it's easy to be taken in by any idea, message or program one can dream of.

One such twisted idea I came across was in an area of New Bern, NC, in an area called Trent Court. It was here that I came upon a church sign near a stop sign.

There sit an church advertisement that had a white pastor's face grinning like a ches cat asking people to come to his church.

His main purpose for the invite was to make money, "oh, I mean, "Defeating violence with prayer," the sign read. Oh! Get this! This area just happen to be a black area. You figure!

Now, can someone tell me how violence can be defeated through prayer?

There are many people that believe God is doing all kinds of foolishness even though they see absolutely nothing.

Right now the smart ones are saying, "yea, we need to pray about it and God surely will fix it". "Umm hum!" "Yes he will."

But any one that think prayer can curve violence must be on a drug high. I mean a really great high.

So let me quickly get into details and wrap this up fast.

First of all, violence has been around since Cain killed Abel in the bible. You find this Genesis. Dahaa!

The whole world works off good and bad. violence, whether it's next door, down the street, around the corner, war or within races will always be part of us.

This pastor was sort of old. Yet, had plenty of time to pray to stop violence if he thought he could pray to stop it, but never did.

If prayer worked according to him, then why haven't he stopped ISIS or terrorists terrorizing countries or healing the sick in hospitals and other places.

The fact is, there is no such thing as praying to stop violence.

Not even God nor Jesus when he walked the earth said such a thing or attempt to do such a thing.

We cannot stop violence with prayer. Violence can only be curved not stopped.

It is only curved or slowed down and achieved in some respect by locking some folks up, stopping the hate,  community programs, jobs, job training, raises, being better educated and being taught the word of God the correct way. "Love thy neighbor as thy self."

There is absolutely no one on earth that can pray to stop violence or stop or fix absolutely any problem through prayer.

If such a thing was possible we would be in a perfect world, because, nobody would do anything nor ever die. Just pray to stop it.

Just pray to God as weird pastors tell you to, then sit back and relax while God do your work and take care of you while you do nothing. Never happen!

This is another case of a lying pastor lying on God. Violence will be here until the world ends.

Anyone that say God will stop it through prayer is a liar. This pastor is a liar and is setting ignorance people up to be hustled for their money.

Prayer is for giving God thanks. Nothing more greater. Any other prayer is hope, want and desire. This is where you make it happen by your own hands.

I hope you get better is heart felt. It is saying I pray you get better. Also, I want you to get better. My desire is for you to get better.

To say I'm praying to God for you to be healed is a lie. Why would God take time from his Heavenly duties to heal some one down here? For what?

What make them so important over others that God would drop all, step from his Throne, make a trip to earth and heal them and no one else? Yea, right!

Then again, why them and no one else. Isn't your love one's as important to you as any one else's are?

Think about it, there would be no more sickness nor funerals if such a thing was true. Maybe in future comings from those from heaven, but not with us.

Praying to stop violence is a lie.
The bible say to meditate on these things. Go ahead, take the time to meditate on what I've said.

If you can prove me wrong then challenge me. Go ahead! Better yet, save face and think about it! The church need reforming!