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CNN Chris Cuomo self perfection Drills Dennis Rodman

On Friday morning Chris Cuomo had an invite by Dennis Rodman to speak to him at a rehab facility where Dennis is being treated. Chris Cuomo's mode was to embarrass Rodman and further make headlines as he did all over the web once again by asking inflicting question to Dennis.

Dennis made his claim and I agreed with him that he was not an ambassador or playing a political role in trying to retrieve an American held in North Korea.

When Dennis said that Kim Jong Un was his friend Chris Cuomo went at him as though he said a bad thing. "How can you call this man a friend when he had his uncle killed and treat his people like he does." "How can you call him a friend with all the atrocities he's committed, said Cuomo."

Dennis didn't know how to respond to him so I will say what he should have said. First of all I don't see Cuomo going after the President or any of the military leaders when our drones kill innocence people. I believe those deaths are more than the one the Korean leader killed that make Cuomo so mad.

I can remember when we first went into Irag an bombed and bombed and bombed innocent people and their children to death while the Americans cheered. I didn't hear Christ Cuomo condemn this. Our bombs even killed over 250 children's being house in officer's barracks and all Americans said was they shouldn't have been there or it was the military fault for putting them there. I didn't hear Chris Cuomo condemn this over and over in the news.

Have Chris Cuomo forgot that the greatest atrocity the world has ever have was conducted by the United States when we dropped
the atomic bomb of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan during World War II in 1945.

Chris Cuomo use the word atrocities as though they do not occur in this country with all the killing and inequality that take place here every day by our congress, jails and penal system not to mention hideous deaths that happen every day.

If we lived in a perfect country and society where all men were considered equal both on paper and in hearts then there would be a lot we could say about atrocities to other countries. The Bible tell us to get our own house in order before we can tell some body else about their's. If just one person is disrespected you've disrespected all.

But I guess Chris Cuomo doesn't see this. He called Kim Jong Un a danger to the world. I thought it was Iran , as some say. Even worst, terrorists! Haven't terrorists done worst to the world than the North Korean's leader?

But then Cuomo attacked Dennis's character over drinking like Dennis is the poster child for the alcoholic world. Chris called or insinuated to Rodman that he was an alcoholic. And he should be ashamed of himself.

First of all, any one that drink is an alcoholic. That's a fact! We do not have legal liquor establishments all over our country just to show off their looks. There are hundred of thousands of clubs, bars, party places, etc. with people drinking and having fun. The people wouldn't be there if liquor wasn't sold.

It does not matter if you drink excessive or just occasionally, if you have to have it you are an alcoholic. If you're getting a drink no sooner than you get off work, waiting until you get home, have to have one when you eat, watching TV, football games, parties, then you are an alcoholic. Don't be fooled about it's only that person that get drunk.

At the end of their session, Chris Cuomo told Rodman he was going to watch him and his behavior. Who does this guy think he is? God! Let me tell you this. He's picking on Rodman like he is the only basketball player that drinks. Or like actors and the music world doesn't drink.

I believe what Chris Cuomo is doing is having what I call a hissy fit of a good story for news that he think will make him and CNN look good. But here's the fact:

If Rodman wouldn't have went to North Korea his name would have never been mention. Chris Cuomo and CNN would have cared absolutely nothing about him or his drinking. 

Fact: Cuomo and CNN can fine a so-called alcoholic any where every day any time to talk about drinking. Why wait until now? It's all about a story. They always talk about getting to the source. Then the source is the legal ABC stores. The government that sell it so people like Rodman can get it any time. Now that's a story. Yea right!

Here we have Imperfect people trying to create a perfect world. "He among you with out sin cast the first stone." "The blind leading the blind." Do Chris Cuomo drink? Do he attend parties where drinking alcohol is presented? Do he approach any of them at these parties or gathering and sit them down and tell them they shouldn't be drinking?

What about CNN? You mean to tell me that no one that works for this company drink alcohol? Chris there are plenty of people within arm level to speak to. Why Rodman?

As Christians we are to try to make friends with every one. Even our enemy. Think about it!

The Church