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The Church

Church Revivals Are Not For The Church

Many church people are holding what they call “Revival“. This is from the Old Testament before Jesus brought us a ‘who so ever will, let them come” word from God.

There is no more asking God to revive us repeatedly. The word of God is now written on our hearts and in our minds and we live by it daily“. We live by every word that comes out of God’s mouth. You obey and live by it just as you obey and live by man made laws.

Needing to be revived means, you are no good for God and the word of God no longer lives in you. You are no good to yourself and others. You are almost dead and unresponsive.

No such thing can happen to a Christian unless you never were a Christian. Why would an already Christian need reviving or told over and over the purpose of Jesus and how to live right for him. This is the basic requirement of being a Christian.

This makes no sense. You can only be a Christian when you have learned to be a Christian and the knowledge of God now live in you and project out of you.

There is no such thing, as “I need a little more Jesus“ so let me go to be revived.

I can imagine everyone going to a revival and no one being a Christian. It seems that everyone there is in need of serious life support because they have lost consciousness and become unresponsive!

Church people that practice revivals are sinners blindly pleading to God of the Old Testament to revive them again. They even sing songs of “Revive me again, Oh Lord“. This is disgraceful against the true meaning of the coming of Jesus and the New Testament he brought.

The false church has so wrapped itself up into false religions that it has no idea that it has long become pagan. Yes, the greatest religion on earth is falling God badly.

No wonder two witnesses are sent from God in the end times to preach to people once more. The reason for them is because the ones he left to preach to the people have failed. Sin would have gotten worse at this time just as it is today!

I do not need reviving. As a Christian, the word of God lives in me 24/7. Think about!