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The Church

Christians Stand On Humanity

While people all over America are standing and speaking up against inhumane treatments of human being taking place right here in this country, there are others laying back having no voice against any injustice but leaving their physical body and voice to God in prayer.

Many will turn their backs on God by sitting in a building doing nothing, pretending like they have a prayer for a cure of sin and conditions, that has never worked and will never work before through human praying desires.

History has shown that actions of the people sitting on their behind or lurking behind some wooden altar, worshipping some minister, while they tell bible stories and itchy ears life stories has not cured sin nor made a dent in it nor helped humanity. Only physical actions have caused the change we now enjoy and want to continue enjoying.

If God thought prayer or praying to him would stop every sinful action against unrighteousness he would have gave this power to Moses which would have brought eternal peace at that time and to civilizations to follow.

There would not have been no need for Jesus, because all every had to do was  just pray their situations away. No more sin! No more wars, death, murder or any kind of rebellion or sickness.

Lets think that if the disciples would have found some place to sit and pray, then wait for people that knew nothing about what they had to say from Jesus to come to them, then the gospel would have never spread. It would have went no further than the building they resided in.

Yet, the disciples took actions and went throughout all cities, even places unknown to do the work they agreed to do. This work has been halted by hate, cowardly and greedy people that hijacked Christianity for their own wealth and power through deceit, lies and trickery.

This is what we see today. False Christians pretending to do the will of God with no actions or showmanship to indicate they are trying to spread the will of God. Rather, false prayers and twisting of the bible causing laziness has created gangs of robbers and misfit armies turned political, letting  Constitutional values overruled common sense and the word of God.

While misfits sits and lie to themselves as being genuine Christians, remain silent of his word, they agree to over looking true love and accepting evil by being comfortable living in the midst of it.

The false Christians church has lived in sin for so long until they now condone it and remain silent to it as hate through Satan is trying to become the law of nations. Such is being played out right now, right here, in our country.

When Jesus Christ brought the word of God , this was human rights! Go out all over the world and preach love of God and his wants to all mankind. Do not suppress it. These human rights are not limited to one people or one country. God has no favorites.

Jesus did not find a building to teach out of and hide in. He went out into the world. Then left the world to us, in Christian hands to stand up and be heard. Not sit around and do nothing. Doing nothing has created the kind of false Christianity we have today that know nothing about the true role of true Christians in the world. Instead, they are the cause of pain and anguish.

Bible stories and packed like sardines worshippers around buildings haven’t solved nor is completing the word of God and his want and will not. In real time, it has most been a waste of time.

Many, however, think when they look out on the world and especially USA, that all is well with God. But let me tell you that things will continue looking good, although bad, because God has his appointed time. And until that time, we, the church, must go about doing out Fathers business just as the world will continue theirs.

Not getting involved in our country problems will lead to further chaos and split in Christianity. I wish to report that the state of Christianity is bad.! Think about it!