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The Church
Can You Go To Church To Worship?

Millions go to church. How you go to Church is still boggling to me? They went to worship God, they say. Why one must have a place to GO to worship God is even more boggling. Christians as a whole is the Church, not a physical building. Jesus put a stop to this.

Churches of Revelation also "meant the people of these cities." They should have formed in buildings for learning purposes to spread the word of God, but instead, they used these buildings to commit such great sin in them for money, power and lust.  Such angered Jesus to the point that he had to intervene with stern warning to stop the messing and get back to what the gospel is all about. That is the first love.

Such warning was never headed and for their rejection of this warning such Churches of Revelation no longer exist today. They, the people, are but small scared fragments in name only that live under Muslim religious domination in constant fear in all these cities.

If they would have done the will of God, Christianity would not be so messed up, mixed up, twisted, split, hateful, racist, power hungry, play house, money loving, and out of contact with the people. Nothing was learned from Revelation and nothing has changed, Just gotten worse.

People are still sitting in buildings doing nothing  for God Sunday after Sunday but pretend and have personal gratification that lead nowhere.

Lack of truth is before our face. The United States look like a fool in the eye of the world as so called Christians from million dollars church buildings exact hate on their fellow man.

Today they celebrated their hate inside buildings, and like in Revelation, refuse to change, and like in Revelation they have become worse and worse.

But not just them but mostly all those practicing Christianity have turned the way of the world pretending to have access to God by tricks and false promises. The people haven’t been made better, but worse.

The Church must return back to it’s first love. It must have new and spirit filled leaders to reintroduce the true word of God to those that will hear. They must Stop using the building to falsely go to church to do nothing.

Use it as a mean to plan how the Church will move the gospel forward and outward in order to relearn those that have been wrongly taught. Plan how we can better the world, the United States, not sit it the buildings or the United States and watch people literally go to hell standing. We have work to do and it’s not being done.

This is the false Church. Many don’t want to believe it, but the bible say it will happen and It has happen and been here for a while. It’s worse right now and will get even worse. The fault are the wolves in sheep clothing. Think about it!