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Are Christians Suppose To Call Sinners Out of their Names?

Recently I saw a video on you tube where a minister and his Church was acting out ridiculas scenes and acting like clown doing thing that has nothing to do wirh trying to convience people to come to Christ. I wrote about these pastors and minister and quickly received a dislikeful comment against what I wrote. I want to share with you what I wrote and the comment and my response to the comment.

I wrote........
I don't understand why so many black people love so much foolishness and clowning around in Church like being at a circus. None of the foolishness has nothing to do with God. But if a high figure dumb minister say so then it's got to be true. Videos of clowns showing twisted pastors of the devil pretending God directed them to perform shows of demons driven spirits to entice the misguided on face book is an example. If you still need to be told about God or that you need to keep going to church to learn about God or you need some one else to continually remind you of God then you have a problem. Your life is a show and maybe you need to continue enjoying shows. Because that all it is. A show! Visit my website and learn the truth.

Now the dislightful comment made on facebook by whom I cannot name........

WoW! How can u invite ppl to your website to learn the truth fro you when your dowing God's ppls & acting like the world calling them dumb, clowns, twisted pastors of the devil!! That's not Godly or the Lordeither!! I am just saying the name calling is no better then the clowns!! Apoint can be made, teaching can bedone but in a Godly way!!

My response to her was this....

The right to call Hypocrites Clowns

I figure it would not be long before one like you would respond. Probably because you like what is going on and want to challenge any one that see the foolishness in what you’re doing.

The very ones that’s playing games and want to show sign of power that has none are first to speak out. Especially when you can’t prove any thing you say. A lack of true knowledge is without salvation.

I call them clowns but I should be calling them clowns and magicians. No such actions such as hollering, screaming, running and jumping up and down ever occurred in the bible as Christianity. Not to be confuse with joy.

When it did Jesus said they were possessed by demons. These demons which Jesus took out of them was placed into hogs. But of course you know this and you should no what happen next.

Demons, clowns, foolishness or what ever you want to call it, if Jesus can call it, I guess I can too.  I guess you don’t like Jesus saying it either. If not then you are not a Christian.

But let me educate you on what this Jesus, you may question, called twisted pretending so-called lovers of God.

In Matthew 23: 13-33 - Jesus called them hypocrites, fools. Verse “33”,  snakes and brood of vipers. In 27, Jesus said they looked  like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.

WOW!! Jesus really got on them. I was soft. But I guess you will tonight tell Jesus he doesn’t sound like a Godly person either. That what he said was inappropriate. You got more nerves than me.

But there are many that love the world and is blind to how Christianity is supposed to change lives not perform staged acts. They can’t separate right from wrong when it’s right before your or their face.

However, the devil will support his people and will fight to see them and his way of life survive. He always has a general he can call on with nerves of steel to go against those that fight against his way of life. Against any one that speak the true word of God.

The devil need many to fight against the few. His army right now on earth is greater than God. “For they are many.” Their Job is to turn the Church into a lying circus for him. But you don’t believe this either. I guess Satan doesn’t exist in your world.

The blind leading the blind. My hope is that through this comment and my website that your eyes and others may be open and your understanding is made clear. Just go there.

In closing, I see also in Matthew 23: That Jesus called them “BLIND“. They have eyes but can’t see. I sure hope you and many others are not an enemy of Jesus that in the end he considered you as living a blind life. LOST!

I welcome all comments: You think about it!

Let me leave you with this...

The problem with the Church today is that it has become the world. This is especially so in the United States where high class people have change those strong words toward those that don't want to be called certain or harsh names into more sweeter names that lower the meaning of their behavior and thus carry no weight nor leave the conscious with any thought of feeling shame or being shamed.

Even God's special word for the disbeliever is "SINNER." Yet, no one want to be called a sinner. Why? Because it make one feel like they are not worthy. That they hate God. That they are prone to doing evil things. Bad influence on others.

The word "sinner" is universal and will never be changed. God will never change it to "misguided." Just think on misguided for a while and see how it might make someone feel bad about themselves......... You get it?

If people are not called what they are and told how they act they will never "think on these things," as the bible say, and change. Today we hardly hear the name "devil, " "demons, liars, whore, sluts, fools and the like mention in today's churches. It's all sweet messages that cause hardly no one to change even when those people are sitting right in front of the preacher.

If the shoe fit they should wear it or pull it off. Think about it!

The Church