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Blacks pretending like they’re so religious just like Tyler Perry

One thing I can’t stand is a black person pretending like they are better than any one else when it come to God.  They never think how bad they lie on God and how they never get any thing but pretend they do by saying I know God will do it.

Blacks think they  have the power to raised up the dead if you here most of them talk because they  think they mean something to God just by saying God’s name over and over more than any one else and that give them a connection.

Here we are in the 21st century and there’ s not a black person on earth or any one for that matter that has ever seen a miracle or any thing the pastor’s has told them to come true but they pretend on.

Neither them nor preachers  have proven anything that’s been preached except the life of Jesus. Every thing else has been make believe and twisted lies.

Backs look stupid in the eyes of others pretending to have so much God but remain so far behind in poverty, sickness, education and legal rights that has expanded over hundred of years, yet, they say, God is working for them.

Many of us think that just because the preacher preach these silly lies that all we have to do is call on God no matter how sorry and out of touch with each other we are that God will answer our prayers over any body else‘s.  Foolish teaching by foolish pastors.

Tyler Perry is such a character that portray in his shows a way that God always come through for those that believe and whoops, some special miracle take place for them. No matter how vulgar his shows and movies have become  he still believe God is satisfied with the cursing and sex portrayal he promote.

People like Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey have the power to turn millions of blacks and whites away from the true way of God and into thinking God is part of the new culture and does not look on his word as he did from the beginning. With their gay beliefs they mock God and their followers cheer them for it.

I enjoy some of his movies and shows but he has become what money always make the weak minded become and that’s greedy for money and fame not knowing they are this way.  But because others look up to him he can put or change the word of God any way he see fit and their will be this millions of people that will be captivated by him and believe the hidden lie he tell them right into hell.

On his first talk show that appeared on Oprah Network, entitled, “The Haves and The Have not’s, “ that aired 2/25/2014, a person from twitter asked Tyler  “why is Miss Fox whom claim to be a Christian do so much cursing and that she was a hypocrite?”

Here is the lie of the Devil that Tyler Perry said about that. He said, “None of us are perfect and all we can do is the best we can.” Beside it’s only acting.” Miss Fox said she was a Christian and “it was only acting also.”

What I get from that is this. Tyler Perry and Miss Fox are indeed hypocrites.  Let me lay it out this way. No true Christian would have taken this part. Only one who cared about money. Cursing is cursing no matter what scene you put your self into. It is still you saying the filthy words.

“Thou shalt not,” mean exactly what God said. There is no “because of the situation.” Yet, they say this is alright because it is acting.

What if a Christian performed in a porno movie? Wouldn’t they have the same right as Miss Fox to say, “it was just porno, I was just acting?”

This is what I mean about twisted truth using the bible to justify a lie. What if the Devil told God he was only acting out his role, he really do love him? Do he get a free past? It’s the same.

The other thing Tyler said was that we were not perfect. This is true. But there is a signal here saying we should not strive to be perfect as the bible tell us. We cannot be like the rest of the world.

Watching Tyler Perry’s shows or movies or any body’s movies does not make you like the people you watch until you yourself act out the part. 

But Tyler Perry and Oprah are sending the wrong signals to innocence blacks already screwed up by their own pastors that it’s alright to rely on our own conscience and God has no right to dictate our life decisions. That we are in control and make the laws.

I feel sorry for people when I hear people tell daily lies on God or when I see them parked around Churches like sardines in a can coming out the same way they went in. With out love and without truth, without knowledge.

Other races are in the same boat. They are all over the TV trying to tell others about God or using God’s name in vain to support some stupid idea or behavior.

Blacks will continue to be last until some body tell them to stop using God’s name in vain right steady and think on building businesses and future employment for our children to come. To stop making others rich while you  remain wanting.

Think what you could do for God and others if you invest some of that money you give to Churches into making you and your own family life style better through having your own business. This is something your pastor, Tyler Perry, Oprah and others should be driving into our heads.

Remember this. It is not the Church that’s taking care of the poor as they are supposed to, but the government. There are black, white, brown and red Churches on nearly every corner and look what they’ve  done for God. Nothing!

The worst thing that could have happen to black people have been the black pastor.  The same for white ministers that taught them. At least those that are crooked.

Now the Church has to be reformed all over again to get that few from this age ready for heaven again.  It’s a hard job that many has thought was easy.  But people have to change. If Not, very very few will come from this age or generation. Think about it!

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