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Early Week Catch Up

Black Pastors, Black Riots, Thieving Churches

I’ve been talking against the way Christianity has been and still is being wrongfully taught for years. This Christianity run through all races that claim Jesus, but today it is about black pastors, black people, the police, protest and riots.

I look at the news and see in Baltimore and what all police departments across America is all about. Total Rule!  Ruling without wanting challenged. Having total control without having to adhere to Constitutional restrictions against violence against it’s own citizens.

A force within our country so militarily armed, that it’s own very existence of violent today override the good it was set up to do. Serve and protect! Yet, through means of self governance they have turned into that which they were set up to protect us.  Their guns are fighting wars against our on citizens.  Mainly blacks.
The police has gotten away with bad action for decades because of powerful leaders from racketeering days and generic bloodlines ready to defend every actions whether legal or illegal like the bosses of past Mafias.

Baltimore is an example of such actions, so is Ferguson. Many are saying all policemen are not bad, but I can safely say you’re wrong. Listen! When a good cop see a bad cop doing wrong and remain silent, he is a coconspirator to that cop(s). He remain silent because of his or her job and maybe threats from other cops. They  can’t quit and bring charges. But they don’t.  For the love of money is too strong!

I can guarantee you that there are no cop out there that is not familiar with some crookedness in their police department, just as it is in most every business.  Since every one is a  good cop it is only fair to say it is these good cops doing the killing.

The only way to fix it is to make real laws and procedures directed at human concern first and Billy the Kid last.

It is shown that cops, through videos and news medias are killing more people than gangs. Yet, gangs are represented as violent killers of the community. Especially in larger states where there are more human game to hunt. Police killing is considered as fair game shootings.

If one notice, the police has been and is taught to apply such violent reactions toward another human that it’s like they are trained to have no feelings toward human life. Especially blacks. They quickly draw their guns and shoot rapid shots into the human body with no more concern or feeling as with killing a chicken.

Police are given target points on our citizens, like the head, heart, chest. These are killing area. Never training on shooting humans about the leg, arms or hands. But killing areas as suggested by target practice.

GANGS start when police show no respect for human life. When a person’s body and very being is tread and handled worst that that given to a dog. Yes! A dog is worth more attention than many black human beings right here in the United States.

Because of bad treatment and rough necking to combined this with wrongful killing, drug stealing and threats has cause gangs to turn to violence. Yes, violence with guns because they see the very police they once respected become worse than them and now must protect themselves from police brutality and even death. This later include violence against their own color because this seem to be a way to get back some control over their own soul. So, they copycat the police.

But again, when the police meet a situation where they could truly serve and protect, they stood back and watched. I guess for the first time, they felt like they might have gotten shot. 

The peaceful protest in Baltimore was welcomed. Nothing will ever happen if people didn’t protest. Though many whites feel otherwise, yet, it is a fact being that nothing is ever done to help a continuing condition before a riot start.

It’s a shame that many will die for others to make changes better for others while Non caring others, being so called Christians continually to keep their hearts harden to conditions they know exist but will not take a stand for hate reasons they claim are, “people are lazy”  and not, “I will provide equal opportunity to all in any place within the borders of the United States for it is the law, so help me God.”

Rather than do what is good and right toward poor citizens, these political right Christian wingers lie and say they do not have the funds or money needed to fix building, this bridge and highway, bring in new companies for jobs, better social services.

They can only find the money and the means when peaceful people of black, brown, white, red and yellow races take to the streets protesting for rights to life, rights to work and rights to be treated as human beings. Even given the same kind of respect and opportunity as they would give to their mothers and fathers, even those in their families or other races. We all are in this together to make life better for all which make our country great for all.

Yes, peaceful protests, not violent riots that have nothing to do with police unrestrained violence, will prevail. Some actually think violence will but it want. Breaking windows, burning down your own city and even burning up a medical CVS building will not alter the course of the justice we seek. 

The riots was a disgrace! I saw people that really did act like wild animals, jumping up and down on cars, cutting hoses to fire trucks, throwing bricks and bottles and every thing else.  Then they get mad when the mayor say these were thugs.

I agree with the mayor and Obama calling those that destroy “Thugs.  The Rev. Jarmal Bryant and other down there are saying this word dehumanize the bad guys by making them feel less than what they are and it is ridiculous.

But saying they are not thugs is saying they have a reason to continue on killing and stealing because, though it is wrong, they have feeling and should vent their frustration toward destroying what does not belong to them.

Some in the black media say we should have feeling for them even after they destroy others way of employment or businesses that others built without their help but to help them. I guess they want us to call them angels with a temple, and this will make them feel better while they hit the police in the face with a brick.

Yes! These were thugs and criminals and I was ashamed to see my people acting out, not for their concern for Freddie Gray, but toward their on thuggish behavior. They wanted a chance to lash out and this was their chance. It did nor will it do anything toward the outcome.

The mayor has apologized and Rev. Jamal Bryant want president Obama to do the same. He should not although he may.

This backward minister and pastor’s attitude toward sinful behavior is like saying we should no longer call anyone a sinner. Because the word sinner dehumanize one also. It hurt their feelings.

Do we tell God we will no longer call any one a sinner. That he is wrong for using this word to describe thugs and or criminals and those that has not accepted him as their personal Savior.

After all, thugs and criminals are sinners. Do we stop calling criminals, criminals because it make them feel bad. This word keep many from getting good jobs. Shouldn’t criminals and or sinners, according to Rev. Jamal Bryant,  have the right not to be called sinners or criminal just as well as thugs not wanting to be called thugs.

If a sinner is a thug, criminal, robber, killer and so on, then what is the problem. Any one or groups that terrorize others are thugs and they are sinners.

Changing this word to sweetie pie will not stop the killing and so on. It will forever continue from one thuggish generation to the other. It’s bad to hear a pastor standing up for bad behavior. We just can’t seem to understand the word of God and what it does to a person when becoming a Christian. It does not make one stupid and lack of common understanding.

Though six cops are now arrested it is in the hands of the court system to prove and charge innocence or guilty. They are locked up not by the violence rioting but by the legal system finding reasons to arrest them.

They say “Thug” is a bad word to say about a thug, yet, the word “racist” is also a bad word but you don’t see any one wanting to stop using it. Why? Because it identify those you single out not to like. But racist is ok to use, especially in the United States where it probably got it‘s start ……………………………

Black people do have clear reasons to protest against injustice in a country that should be projecting behaviors through out the world, as the United States truly is a place of opportunity, rights and a place of peace, rather than seeing it as racist and insensitive to it’s people’s needs.

Outsiders see the United States as hypocrites and we should not be concerned with their human rights when we can’t even fix our own problems that’s supposed to have been fixed 50 years ago with and after Martin Luther King’s death.

But lets not keep putting our problems on white people and what they want give us or do for us as people or as poor people in general whether black, white, Asian, Spanish, American Indians or who else.

I wasn’t there, but I can safely say that every thug and criminal that threw a brick or any object or took part in the violence in any respect know of Jesus. Even some calling themselves Christians. They are the product of bad pastoral preaching.

I can also safely say that most in the peaceful protest were calling themselves Christians and have their pastors right there with them marching in the streets, singing hymns they sung over fifty years ago calling on and pretending like Jesus is going to get into this mess and fix it.

Well Jesus didn’t fix it during slavery, killing of the Jews, world war 1 or 2, or at any time during modern human existence and will not now. This is for you and I to fix. To keep putting God into such stupid situations is ignorant on the part of pastors that should be out fishing somewhere.


God will never get involved and pit himself against one race of people against another. God would never make someone give you a job, a home, medical help, food, social help or stop the police from shooting someone.

That’s your job along with getting  what you need from the government that’s suppose to see to it that the country and people are provided for fairly.

Blacks played this card 50 years ago and said God freed us only to find fifty years later that they, not me, was living a fool’s dream and pastors told lies on God then and continue to tell lies on God today. They lied then and lying now,

Out on the streets of Baltimore God is being injected again to come to so call rescue people or so called Christians from that which they could have prevented themselves through the church.

So called, false pastors telling people to called on God and he will answer. Even on the pulpit the lies goes out that God will do this and that, yet, these same pastors stood and marched on the streets with sinners waiting for the mayor, not God, to give them or us justice.

Why? Why are pastors hollering one thing inside of the church and acting another way outside of Church? Can’t you see that the pastor cannot channel God to interfere in what you are suppose to change yourself. This is how the world has always worked from beginning of time. God cannot and is not your baby sitter.

But let me say this before I forget……

The problem with black situations in this country is that our pastors including white pastors, but more black pastors, have lied to people for centuries to stay on their knees and beg God to make someone give us this and that or that if you pray hard enough God will give you a diamond ring or take from someone else and give to you.  Sound good but they are Liars!

Pastors tell us, when ever we have a problem, don’t try to work it out on our own or with help from someone of knowledge, but turn it over to God and let him handle it. No such truth. God is not sending you a pay check you haven’t worked for.

Don’t go to work and make your own money but wait on the Lord they, say! Go pray on it first, they say! How about this! Don’t worry about it because as God feed the birds so will he take care of you.

This kind of preaching has turned black people into what they are today. It made many lazy and not wanting to work because it’s not what they want to do. Or waiting on another job because this job is too hard believing God is in the business of choosing the right jobs for you.

Judge not less you be judged is in the mouth of most people claiming God as an excuse to enjoy the benefits of both worlds. That is, God at times and Satan at other times. They have the pews filled every Sunday wanting no one to judge them and the pastor is sticking by them. But there is no truth to what they preach.

1 Corinthians 6:2-3
2. Do you not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters?
3. Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?

So, you see that if you are in the right, you have the right to judge others. If you are a Christian, you have the right to judge. If not a Christian, you can’t judge others. Christian are suppose to be following after Jesus. don’t ever forget that when you are asking someone to come to the Lord or change their life, you are judging them right then and there that their life style sucks! Sorry I had to put that way. I laughed too!

But people have grown up with backward teaching and is so screwed up between right and wrong, how to act and not how to act, what to do and not what to do. Lean and depend, trust in the Lord , just pray and believe you will get it and it will come.

But what they was told was would come did not come, so, they lost hope waiting around doing nothing waiting for something that will not happen because it is not suppose to happen.

Through generic thinking these so Called Christians fell from false grace after seeing nothing the pastor said come to pass and now through disbelief has nothing to teach their children, yet they continue trying to believe something will happen and continue to cling to false hope because the pastor said it will happen if you trust hard enough  but end up seeing your trust buried with the times.

To see people on the streets calling themselves Christians, led by pastors in marches, whooping and hollering calling on the Lord is ridiculous.  Christians standing in lines trying to prevent Christians from doing violence.

Instead of  pastors twisting the truth, they should have been teaching that God’s people are wise. That God’s people work for what they get. That if we cannot get it, then create it. We take nothing nor destroy nothing that is not our own. We also work for the government.

Pastors should be telling people to start and build their own business with the help of all that money blacks are forking over to them. That those that have skills should share that skill with others. That the main theme of God is to work and build the world.

That being a Christian put people in creative mode since God is a creator of things. God cannot use people that stand around having nothing to give nor caring about themselves. That Christians are just and honest. Looking to the needs of others when in the position to help others.

I know for a fact that black churches could have built and created million of jobs over time if they weren’t concern about filling their pockets and building great mega churches to do nothing in. They see the aches and pains but ignore it all for someone else to pick up the pieces. They talk good talk but can’t back up nothing they say. Leaders of Churches only come up with false ways to handle a situation with smooth words. I’ve heard their story for over 60 years and nothing have been done yet.

If you have members and those member have children then you, the pastor, are responsible for them.  Even if there is no church and you are a Christian, you are sisters and brothers in the Lord and sisters and brothers help each other whether black or white or any other color. But the Church look away. Yes, both black and white Churches love reading scriptures but is far from acting on them.

Listen! Just because you are in a ditch doesn’t mean you can’t dig your way out or ask for help. Just because there are no work where you are is no excuse, as a grown person, not to look elsewhere. Saying you don’t have the money is an excuse to stay where you. Some where down the line you had the money to take you to a better place but you rather stay close at home and beg God for something that will never take place..

Understand me, we will have hard times in this life and there should be efforts by our government to help those that fall into hard times, but this should not take the rest of your life to recover.

Many black business could have been built by churches over time. Millions of dollars are flowing through Churches hands and they will not help the very ones they collect from and tell, “God will provide.” Well God is providing through the Churches but pastors and religious organizations will not let go of it.

People should be taught that the Job you work on doesn’t matter as long as it is legal and it pays the bills. I worked for 35 years on a job I never cared for. But I stayed there and today, retired. God had nothing to do with me working there or retiring. It was determination on my part to see to it that I could feed my family. It’s the way of life and this has always been through human kind.

Notice God did not tell Adam and Eve, not one time. he was going take care of them. Everything they needed to produce a world and nation was already given to them. But they had to want it.  God told them to build and multiply and “THEY” did.

Being in a position in the end of time to show ourselves approved is determined by how we conducted our lives down here. If you have no talent to offer, God has no pity to offer.

God can use people in the end that don’t mine working and thriving in and making things better for others. If God did your work for you,  you wouldn’t be no good to him.  We are Christians and suppose to be walking in the footsteps of Jesus. Why isn’t this happening?

Your boss man is not going to do your work and pay you to. If you can’t work along you deserve to be fired and you will be. This is how God looks at life with people. It is you that must prove you are a Christian not just saying it..

As I see these pastors in Baltimore still making remarks about God fixing things I shake my head at stupidity. They are singing hymns and acting just like God is making the decisions taken place there happen. He’s not.

They should keep God out of giving them strength to destroy personal property. Even for those that did not participate in the riots should also keep the name of God out of making the government give you something. You go to the government and demand your rights to be treated equally as others. Protest peacefully.

Sure the government has a duty to take care of it’s people but we also have a responsibility to help. Many black business that were destroyed knew how the system worked. They had a dream and went for it to provide for others. I wish churches that’s getting rich and wealthy could see what they see.

I’ve mention many times, that God is not involved in our business down here. His only interest is, did you represent him in a way that he can produce worlds to come through you. This will be determined at an appointed time called the Judgment.

Even now the so called Christians are celebrating with secular music in the streets. Their love for God didn’t last very long. But their joys are respectable and jubilant for a cause worth celebrating.  It was their effort to not give up and demand to be treated like human beings by those that serve and protect and by those in charge of providing better living and working conditions. 

Yes, Jesus was a peaceful protester. He protested the injustices of Satan to corrupt people with false hopes habits and lies. His words covered the abuse of people and gave doctrines on how to fix it. He laid out God’s plan to stop the suffering and bring men together for a better world.

Although, like today, many rejected him, and beat him but he still remained peaceful and true to his cause right up to his very death. And look what it got him in the end. Victory over Death and a seat on the right hand of God beign worthy to be call the Son of God!

He showed us the way to act. We should act like Jesus did. Protest whenever there is a need and as long as it is needed. Do it peaceful with a cause and persevere through struggles of knowing what you want and going after it. God has never brought anyone a glass of water. You either go get it or you will thirst to death. That is a fact!

Commit your selves to wanting to earn your way through life. God is not going to solve your problems no matter how much the preacher tell you to call on him. He never has in in nearly 1900 years fixed not one cause or problem. Look at the death of Jews.

You have the strength and the brain God gave you. Now use it. In the end  you will feel better and have no regrets. Tell you pastors to stop teaching you the same thing over and over but ask churches to come together with skilled workers within the churches and help lift people up and out. To build and multiply. This is the will of God. This is what the church is suppose to do. Think about it!