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The Church


What I’m about to tell you cannot be disputed by no one on the face of the earth.  I am always talking about the false church and how it has come to be flooded with lies that’s sending many on the road to hell by not having sense to understand scripture or just plain do not care.

Being that the world and especially the United States are living off sayings coming from decades of pastors and ministers that’s geared toward nothing but money, I have a spiritual goal  to reshape the mind of those believing for the benefit of saving a few. The bible speak of only a few.

Today is Sunday, the day of the Sun, and millions that claim Christianity and save by accepting Jesus will tear down the doors, literally, to hear what they received last week, because they keep forgetting how to be a Christians. All of these consider themselves saved and a Christian or they wouldn’t be there.

But, if you are not saved, as they say, don’t feel bad. They are not saved as they say either. Why? Because they cannot get enough of lying.  Lying, whether knowing the truth or not is still lying. Remember, God hates a liar as we precede.

Christians claim they are saved.  However, according to scripture, this is not true. You do not get saved by accepting Jesus. You begin a process to follow after Jesus. Remember, scripture state, Matthew 24;13, “He that endure unto the end shall be saves.”

What do this mean? It means if you keep the gospel in you character and continue to be a servant, which is administering the word of God to others, you will be saved in the end. When your life on earth come to an end.

But wait! Saying you are saved is not that easy. Your salvation in the end depend on God. God is the Judge and you must stand before him. Then if God approve of your life, He and only He can save it. We must all stand before the Judgment and give an account of our selves whether good or bad.

If you are, at that time is saved by God, you keep your immortality. If not you lose and hell fire slowly consume you after a period of time.

Now listen very carefully. If you are saved right now, then you are living as an immortal and this mean you have already been judged, thereby never to die. However, you see death come to all the living.

I am a servant of the Lord and look toward salvation as should you. As you see, I cannot  predetermine what God will do, neither can any one else.

So, if you hear people say they are saved, ask them, “then why they are still down here?” When did God judge them, but decided to send them back?

These people will get radical with justification, because they don’t want to believe they are liars and spent their whole life lying on God by twisting His word for the sake of having a crew to rob from or hang with.

So, as I end, if you have been saved by God already without Him Judging you, I would like to know how it was done? I would like to know why  you are not perfect? In this case, If you were saved already, you would be a god down here on earth clothed in nothing but power to do anything.  But can’t! Listen!  Receiving salvation in the end is immortality. Untold power like none ever seen by any human on earth.

Yes, this is the false church and it is riddled with one lie right behind the other and many are too blind to see and disclose them. And yes, engaging in such a lie can only mean you are not saved, but a liar. You must learn and obey the truth or your worshiping will be in vain. You must reject these lies or die in them.

Jesus said, Matthew 7:22,23 state, “Many will say in that day, “Lord, Lord, didn’t I prophesied in your name , but Jesus will say I do not know you, depart from me.” …… He again, you see salvation is left in the hand of God. Anyone that open their mouth and say so is a liar and take away the Authority of God, giving it to them.

Go to my website and learn how to worship and rekindle the greatest religion on earth that can bring peace and love to mankind. You are late, but not too late. You only need someone to steer you in the right order.
You’ll never see church in a wooden building with others again in the same way. You’ll know longer be in the dark, but the light.

By the way, there are Christians or Christians in name all over to mingle with or fellowship with. This is the will of God and not in a building. Don’t leave without thinking about it. You’ll find, I tell the truth.