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The Church
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Americas Obsession With Gays

One way to tell this is the false church is its obsession and overwhelming love and fascination with gays and filth. And yes, nearly everyone, about 1,800,000 people claim Christianity. The other religions, are the remaining 1,200,000 or more, that most, also whole the same infatuation.

Most of the corrupt burden lay with the majority. Though not all support gay rights, the majority, which is within the millions of so called Christians, does. Their vote for it prove it.

So, you can clearly see, when you tally this all up, it is indeed the false Christian Church that constantly defy God against his stand on gays. People pretend to obey God but not enough for him to tell them who they should love.

The Republican Party and other Conservatives, which have just as many gays in it as does the Democratic Party and other liberals,  think foolishly that their party is immune from such lust.

But they are wrong and delusional. They are right smack dab in the middle making up half the gay community. Satan has blinded people to their own participation.

The true church lay not within wooden wall, but is written on hearts that make individual's their own temple toward living the will of God.

But all this, however, is just pretty talk. It only sound nice for most in the church. In practice, we find even major church leaders have changed their opinion and become turn coats against God, but believe they are still Heaven material.

In early July 2015, there was the Oscars. There, Bruce Jenner was honored with a standing ovation by Christians, as he paraded his sex change and weird look before the world calling himself Caitlyn.

The really bad thing about this was these so called Christians was rebellious toward God by saying,..."how do you like us now God," while clapping, cheering and smiling with great joy.

I want you to take a good look at the church and tell me why are the church so silent? Why absolutely hardly no one, but a few, dare say anything. It's because the church of Christians are now the world.

The church has become cowards, and though they speak great words, it is only sounding brass of sweet nothing to those having no idea of what they're hearing or what is going on.

Gays have grown to the level of, not only out voicing the Christian church, but recruiting out of it into it. By claiming and becoming part of it has made gays a much stronger force, knowing most in the church are favorable to them. Satan has overtaken the Christian church and has taken away it's order..

Soon, if God, in his on way, doesn't intervene, most in the church of Christians will all be gays and gay sympathizers, which seem to be close to it now.

Gays are fast entering every part of our society, especially television where Christian writers and producers make sure gays are seen and upheld as their Constitutional rights.

How can ministers, pastors and even people, sit in walled up churches and say they are serving God when homosexuality is growing around the world and has taken over the United States?

Every Sunday people meet to lie about what God has done for them and how God has brought them from a mighty Long ways, yet, can show no proof how God preferred them over another or why they are gloveless against them.

But, the gay victory come off the shoulders of worthless so called Christians that over fifty years ago,ignored the gay movement, preferring robbing God through his people rather than teaching the true love of God to them whether it hurt or not.

Over time, even the church ignored God and joined the Gay cause. People's fascination and interest in gays grow fondly daily because of family involvement, style and freedom of actions.

By having gay family members, it's soften and changed the heart of most of the Christian Church toward believing every one has the right to love who they want to.

Such belief has thrown out the truth of God, thus, becoming so self believable that it's better for the false church to act like all is well with God and push "live and let live."

Well it's not! God has his time for judgement for all that have joined in, collaborated and become the abomination against his will. They will pay the price.

A true Christian stand and continually speak out against sin of all nature. Of course, one must know the truth and abide by it to chastise another.

We never stop, no matter the harm to us. Jesus didn't stop when the Jews wanted him to, and it cost him his life.

This is an example for us to follow in his foot steps and help save as many as we can from hell. This is every one's calling. This is the Christian cause. To work to bring love and peace toward our fellow man or woman. Without this work, there is no way you can be a Christian.

So for, the United States is known as the "United States of Gay America." We can't stop the move, but we can't stop speaking out. There might be some one that just might hear us. 

For your sakes, can you do this? Not just against gays, but against the word of God. Think about it!