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The Church

Altar Worshiping Continue

For some reason I cannot let up on altar worshiping by people who say they are Christians. I fail to see the reasoning. Teaching to those that are not Christians are one thing, but Christians going to worship is totally different and against the word of God.

How can one “GO TO WORSHIP?” How can a Christian “GO SOME PLACE ELSE TO WORSHIP than within themselves?” What are they looking to find when they get there? Who is there?

Is this the place God said he would be every pagan Sunday? Do this place house the “Word of God” and one must come there to receive it every Sunday?” Is this not why God sent Jesus to do away with actual temple worshiping?

If such a place was sacred or considered sacred ground, how is it possible for sinners to come in and out and not die before the glory of God?

If you go some place to worship, wouldn’t that place be sacred? Wouldn’t you expected for God to be there, as in the days of old, and if God was there, would you not expect to receive all you hope for right then and there?

But, lets look at this. If we go to a temple or building to worship, wouldn’t that do away with “living by the word of God in our hearts and minds,” and put us back to temple worshiping upon the altar with live animal blood sacrifices.?

Wouldn’t that do away with the coming of Jesus? Did not the Bible tell us we worship God now in SPIRIT and WISDOM, and altar worship has been done away with?

This is what Church people are doing, not knowing what they do, say Jesus. Having pastors in this day an age is ridiculous. During the beginning of Christianity, “YES,“  but, so many Christians has over centuries, been planted and rooted all over the world to further Jesus ministry by being a Christian.

It’s a fact, pastors do not spread God’s word but ordinary people do.  It is these that  go out on the highways and hedges spreading the gospel thus inviting people, not into a building, but into the heart of God whereby their minds can be transformed if they want it.

Of course, the writing of the Bible on paper was the greatest means to get the true word of God to the people and still is. Books reach more people than any one person can, called, the Epistles. Such books is considered, “The Intent.” This today is called the Holy Bible, which is available for any one to get, study, believe and accept at anytime with or without others.

It is the people that is suppose to spread the gospel all over the world, not go in buildings and hide falsely behind an altar pretending you are doing the will of God by coming and going to a building every Sunday to worship.

Spreading the gospel is the duty of every one claiming the name of Jesus and being a Christian. If you have to be told or reminded how to be one, you are not one’

Many protestants Christians claim they do not go to someone, like a Catholic priest of a Catholic Church and ask for forgiveness. However, they do. Both enter a building and approach the priest or the pastor to render forgiveness for them by calling one forward and pretend to offer forgiveness through repeating Roman 10:13. This is called, “altar call.” Am I reaching you yet?

The two are alike.  They both use confession of sin and accepting Jesus as their personal savior as one and both require people to return over and over to receive forgiveness.

This is why Christians continue to go to church not knowing and accepting that they are the church, but go in order they man get forgiveness at the altar for their sins or try to pretend they come to offer themselves as some sort of sacrifice after a long absent in sin.

False worship is a primary cause for division, not only in Christianity, but through out the world. Whether Christians want to believe it or not, our job was and still is to take the gospel to all men. This has not been done or we would not see the many nations worshiping Allah and other false religions and Gods.

Rather, people has determined to sit inside of buildings and hope people come to their buildings temples or assemblies for the purpose of no more than to have a good time. Think about it!