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The Church


The bible speak of a great fall away from the church which will indicate the closeness of the coming of our Lord. This does not mean the lord or our being caught up will happen before we go through many events that surely will test our resolve or our standing on the word of God, but you will see more lunatic pastors and drunken members defile the word of God by the billions.

This has been taken play for the pass 1900 years, more or less, but is worst and getting worse. The verse I'm talking about is, 2 Thessalonians 2:3, "Let no man deceive you by no means, for that day shall no come before there come a great falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition."

This is scripture that anyone calling themselves a Christian should be interested in and should think on when we look at the false church and it's influence on the world.

As we take a good hard look, it is not hard for those wanting to see, to see, that there is truly a great fall away from the greatest religion that has ever been given to mankind, "the gospel of Jesus Christ or Christianity, taken place.

Although the fall away is around the world, it is no where more prevalent than right here in the good ole US of A. For, from here, all rivers flow out into other great bodies of the world flowing and mixing into smaller lakes, rivers and streams carrying with it mud, destruction and death.

Here, the gospel that can clearly change the direction of human kind for the grace of God and even lengthen the days of men and perhaps given the poor a time to enjoy a portion of satisfaction has been high jacked by false prophets and sooth sayers of Satan.

But no such gospel of glory for God have been accomplished. For in the United States more has been done to destroy his gospel than anywhere else in the world.

For it is from here that examples of God are made to become of no affect as millions upon millions cling to false prophets that like themselves, cannot walk away from worldly life styles.

The great fall away individuals now greatly out number the little few that long left the false church long ago. These fall away individuals, which make up the greater number of people in America have now become the back bone of the false church and believe they and this kind of worshiped is the foundation of the future .

This is based on their own perception of love, joy and happiness, thus,having their own agreeing god that accept their sins no matter how vile it may be. However, this god they are playing with is Satan.

Around the world more people and nations want to be like the United States. It matter not that Britain, Canada, Paris, Italy, Germany and others are enjoying their rightful share of sin, it is still here where pleasuring Satan in the United States seem to be Satan's playground. His second head office in charge with the Vatican and the Pope being the first.

People here are blinded by money and things of this world. They believe having more and wanting more by way of material gain is godly natural in a country that have so much to give. This thinking mark God on every level.

Having more mean more lust, greediness and pride which people have come to believe is an acceptable way of life both with them, God and the modern world that believe God have changed because the world have changed.

Did you know that the majority of people claim Christianity? That's right! Look at the turn out of the Pope. Streets are swarmed with adulterers, haters, thieves, liars, fornicators, bad guys and more. Most all bare guns and despise the immigrants they stand next to. It's all false and will be short live. A minute of false.

From this we can safely say the fall away from the true gospel has long begun and has gotten worse and will continue to get worse over time.

In our country, there's a lot for people to enjoy, and be easily persuaded to take part in. The reason being, none have seen any evidence of Christ's return. They see no suffering of anyone not of a Christian, happening any worst than that of them. So, why should I, so to speak, not enjoy myself to. "Maybe no religion is real," they say!

Only those that believe and truly see and understand that  is short lived in life. worldly living is short lived. It's but a passing moment compared to a life time of living to come in a new body and new world.

Remaining faithful and wanting to see and be a part of the new world to come is worth more than a few hours upon a stage, then is heard of no more. Dying twice should not be in our future. We should tuff it out and stand! When we get tired, we stand even more.

Even though I say we are having a great fall away, this is not the gravy of the fall away. It is just part of a continuing cycle of sin that will get even worst than what it is. The fall started in Revelation with the Churches of that time and has never gotten better.

If you think what is happening now with the false church and the world is bad now, well you haven't seen nothing yet. For toward the end, the fall away will be devastating. Only the righteous will be able see and reject it all. The few righteous!

The Pope is going around the world or is beamed around the world pretending to be Jesus and God with no power at all. What you see on TV is a snap shot of the exact picture you will see in the end. Only the next time the Pope is given such praise and air time, he will given real power to heal and show signs and do wonders. He will enlist many into his false Church. And many, he will cause to go to hell with him and his father the Devil, whom will soon follow. All his works will be short lived and reverse. The sick will return to be sick and etc.

Yes, we are having a great fall away where even now pastors dare not speak of it just like they dare not admit the false church is now. Too much money to be made.

Too much of the world now dominate the church. For the world is the church. Gay life style has taken a front row pew along with their sisters and brothers that adore them. The can't be stopped and have more power in the United States than Christians

Come out from among them the bible state, and seek the wisdom of the Lord, the right way. Start by not believing everything you hear. Stop joining in and telling lies on God with them.

Friends and families will go to hell together. There want be a smile on your face then when you see your love one's judged and cast into the lake of fire to do time in agony before they die. How many years or months this will take is not known, but it will take place.

When the mark of the beast is giving, there will be no churches to run to. Christians will be hunted and killed. They will be on the run, meeting in hideout and being careful who they talk to in public. You will have to protect your own salvation with your own knowledge of the word of God...Until!

The church is suppose to be in you, not in wooden buildings where the fall away reside. Think about it!