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Weekend Finisher

A generation of children deceived by pastors and parents unable to love God

While watching TV I see different shows on Christianity teaching bad religion to our children. If you have been following my teachings you will have seen that our children are saying and believing in the same ridiculous sayings and thinking as most of us has been taught, thus making them look and sound just as stupid as some of us, thus leaving me no choice but to challenge the lies being taught to them.

Telling children these lies have carried on for over nineteen hundreds years in which children that grew into parents being consumed with false teaching by pastors have moved from generation to generation slowly becoming the great lie that all Christians are emerged in today.

This is a fact that has been proven by me that Christians have no power, nor do they have the power to heal, nor can they call on God to do stupid things, nor can they pray to God having no intentions to serve him, nor is God going to do any of the stuff slick pastors say he will do for you. Read my messages!

God does not exist to be nor did he make man for him to be man's slave. To answer man's ever whimpering call every second of the day.To be worried and begged to eternity.

No children! God has never intended to cure man's sickness or cause him to become a better man by giving him everything he ask for with out him working for it. For such will be God buying or bribing man into loving him and we serving him only because and only because of what could get from him. Man will never truly love God if such was true.

Misleading teaching about death, sickness and sorrow has brought disbelief in a loving God when God didn't perform as was told by pastors and now God is just a name to throw around and have fun with.

The attitude of bad teaching is evidence of what exist in the world today. Every one saying and making statements about God, that to a learned person, sound ignorant and disappointing to hear as they becking the call, " Father forgive them as they know not what they do."

It's pitiful to witness older people living so long absent of the knowledge of how to serve God and no nothing about pleasing him to be chocked and strangled by false prophets and unlearned pastors.

More over, most blinded by teachers passing on from one to another, "want God do it," as grave yards fill to overrun proportions while hearing " God may not come when you want him but he's right on time" slick prayers that sound good but no one is able to stop that which must be. Death and sickness will come to all. And all will succumb to death.

Most pastors are going to hell and that's a fact. They have disappointed God but are too caught up in their own glory to change. To big a rascals with show off power to realize they are hypocrites and need leave the pulpits for the sake of saving a few and themselves. Repent!

A returned to true Christianity must be reinstated. This will be done for the few. And the few is reading this right now.

Yet, pastors dare not hear the truth and admit their robberies of God's people. But the truth will find them out and their congregation will look on them with wonder. They eventually will see them for who they really are. False prophets in sheep clothing.

To remain in power they holler to others, like them, to kill the messenger and stop the blasphemy. Don't listen for the devil is busy they say! But they are the son's of their father the Devil and the things of their father they will say and do.

Yes, the devil is in the details. Satan work can clearly be seen throughout the United States. Failure of the so-called Church Assembly has lost great battles winning none. No victory to be seen except a back lash of filth consuming the assembly and the world.

Satan has already struck a great blow. One that Christians can't recover from. Man man and women women take over leaving Christians licking their wounds of defeat. Yet, they run to Church or this building as though nothing is happening. "All is well," the pastor says.

Yes, the Congregation is still happy. Still pretending God is satisfied with what ever they are doing, yet, can't tell what they are doing nor have done.

When will the people realize that Christians are special people that's suppose to be much more and more different than those of the world. In the world but not of the world. Not just like them showing no different and most time worst.

We are suppose to be the best there is on earth. It is our voice that should be heard over all others, setting examples of Jesus in our daily walk through life. Being mindful of our every act. Being true believers of the word of God with out compromising to those that are willing to cause obstruction by twisting the gospel for their own self gain.

It is we that should be setting the standard of living for the world. Condemning sin and wrong doings for the betterment of all people. What happen? Where are the voices of God? It is the Christians that's suppose to be trying to bring a little peace to the world.

But instead, the children has grown up through centuries and generation of birth to continue to be the children of children being deceived by pastors.

These are children that received bad teaching that has led them into acting in the dark, yet, posing in the light as "the light of the world" unaware of their own destruction of the world.

It is these grown up children in Christian Churches that is now adult children that share the nights of sweet soothing melodic sounds of the under gods that hide behind and in the shadows of evil music, drinks, lies, thief, indecent sexual behaviors, lousy altitudes, terrible character and the such while at the same time glorifying God because you was told to. Confusion to the max.

Therefore come out from among them, and be you separate, says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. 2 Corinthians 6:17

I can't take it anymore. Gotta stop for a drink of diet cola and a few ginger snaps. Getting close to my show call the "Last ship." But you think about it!

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