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The Church
A Building Leading Toward Death

Many of you do not want to hear it, but attending what you call a church is sending you to hell. Jesus did not take the priest and altar worshiping away and replace it with the word of God to make you the temple of God for you to go back to altar worshiping again.

There is no building or church any where on earth where God dwell in nor is a place where you go to find or repent to him in. Such will take away all Jesus come to do. That is, through repentance by each individual themselves make it personal.

The word of God in the heart make you the temple and not coming before an altar in a building trying to office sacrifices. Jesus was the sacrifice and fulfilled worshiping in and from one's own heart.

There is no one nor no place you can go to worship God than with God through the word in your own heart. There is absolutely no one else that can get you salvation but you.

Going to church is not working for God. Going to listen to someone tell you what you should already know is not working for God. Having Friends day is not working for God. Spreading false religion is not working for God. But speaking up for God and telling it the right way to others are working for God.

But works along will not get you salvation. You must also be a worshiper, a doer, a servant. It takes both working and serving. But even serving along without works is not enough. It still take both.

This can only be done by you, through you, for God.... As you see, going to church has produce a world, a Unites States that's corrupted internally in the people. A country where anything goes.   There is nothing the Church building and people can do to prevent sickness, death, hate, envy, fornication, adultery, robbery, Isis, North Korea, thief or any sin from the altar....

So, if not, then why are people hanging there for.... The answer! For their own self gratification that have nothing to do with salvation but for pleasure and power.

To see the false church, all you have to do is pay attention to what is going on and look at all the institutions around you. The truth is all around you.

In vain do they worship me say the Lord. He must be talking about those falsely worshiping him out of the body in the building.

By the way! I am fellow shipping with you now and need no crowd of people at a special time to join us. Where two or three gather together in my name, there will I be also, say the Lord.... Think about it!