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Why Can't Churches and Other religions Pray For Peace in the world

It's mighty peculiar, then again its' not, that with all the different religious groups and particularly all the Christian Churches where Pastors have been and still are lying to people saying that God will do this and that are finding themselves being challenged.

The fact is, that none, and I mean none have ever, will never and cannot put together one prayer to God to stop the killing, wars, sicknesses and diseases that are plaguing the world over, not to mention right here at home.

Pastors have devised well oil phrases to con those at Church. Yet, we have had many wars, storms and diseases where Christian Church's and other Churches left fleeing in the face of them. When it's all over they come out from under the rock they hid under with their chest all stuck out starting again where they left off.

They know they control a group of cybogs that listen only to what they're told, unable to see truth when it stare them in the face. But the slick pastor will tell them that they were special and God saved them and let the sinners parish because they stayed faithful. "That God said he wouldn't let you down". "That God said to flee and that's what we did." "Want God answer prayer!" And the people said, Amen.Yea, right!

We have this very day a terrorist group called ISIS, in Iraq, beheading and slaying people like someone mowing grass with no thought. Why can't all these Churches come together and pray for this to stop? What about the sickness and disease happening right now in West Africa called Ebola?

Why Can't  the Churches and all religious groups come together to heal this sickness? The Pastors that's leading you said God would heal, bring peace and will answer prayer. Are they twisting scriptures. Yes? You don't nor have you ever seen it done.

I'm seeing many Pastors walk around with white collars around their necks. White and colored long hanging robes with large gold and silver crosses clinging to their chests. All that, and wearing long expensive coat suites and driving finds cars while sitting behind pulpits making themselves look like Gods to their subjects, yet, having no more gas in their tank to chauffeur a snail one inch. But people believe they can even when they face so called denied healing.

Wait! did I say denied healing. Listen! God does not deny something he has no part in. Denied here is just in the thought of the unlearned whom was lied to by the pastor whom planted a false hope that "God will do it," yet, ending up taking away the ability of the person to continue believing in God when God didn't do as the pastor said he would. God didn't let you down. The Pastor and others did.

As I said before in other writings, God has no time to bother with individuals and billions of personal problems. He has a Government of his own to oversee. Besides, he has others to do things and will not come himself.    ......Let you mind think on this if you can........

Churches in this era has become a joke. There are so much stupidity in it that I can find a story to write every day if I so choose. It is all around us. No different in the people. The Church and secular say and do the same thing. Very, very few are tying to break away and serve the right way. I'm trying to do my part, but the Devil has a great hold in the Church. He's had thousands of years of training and planning. I'm just beginning.

Next, the Church is mostly made up of young people. However there are an age group between 30 and 55 that sets the standard for the next group of followers to come. Their worldly ways influence those behind them into "doing what I do and say because God is every where and into every thing." "If he didn't want us to do these things he would not allowed us to do and get away with it."

The age group of 55 and beyond have no knowledge of what's going on. They seem out of it all, being lock into their old ways. So twisted that they live in a world of "never challenge a man of God, so to speak,"  and  "this is how my parents did it," and let's not forget the justification line of "we all was once young so let the young folks do what they want to." ...... This kill me, so to speak, when I hear some one say this..... I see them as pitiful.

So the old mingle with the middle age and both mingle with the young. The old cannot see how ridiculous they look and act trying to fit in with the young, unaware they are trying to hold on to something that's killing them both physically and spiritually.

So too does many in the Church, unknowingly, pretend that they have some connection with God because the Pastor told them they were saved, because they are paying tithes yet, hanging with Satan, but blessings still come when you do your part in the Church. So they truly believe they are saved and have God on their side no matter what they do, say and how they do it.

To prove this they actually believe they can pray to God at any occasion and it's ok with God, because they are getting away with their antics, nothing happening to them, so full steam ahead. Besides, the appearance of it look good.

They actually have the gall to play secular music at parties, stop to pray and resume their dancing, liquor and beer drinking like Jesus is one of them. So called Christians are putting on the parties and they say, "Here! Have a beer Jesus, we got more in the cooler," said the deacon and the mother, while holding a cup of go go juice on the dance floor doing a dance that went out of fashion fifty years ago.

Then, as the day move forward and the sun began to set on this Saturday cook out or gathering, the pretenders slowly become aware of their duty toward the Church. They began to say, " Honey I got to get out of here." "I got to go to Church tomorrow, I'm ushering." "Yea girl, the Lord been good to me, you know I gotta go get my praise on."

Remember: The Church is the world and the world is the Church. As of now, one cannot operate without the other. ........ Come out from among them, said the Lord.

This is the Church of today. Mixed up and messed up. These are those that pretend to pray to God and actually believe God is listening to them. As I said before in other writings..... The same people at the clubs and cook outs letting it all hang out is the same people in the Church. And the same people in Church is the same people at the clubs and cook outs. Maybe not one or two but most. Twice I said this.  Is it possible for this crowd to pray for anything if it was possible? No!

The reason the Churches of all kind can't pray for wars, sickness, storms and diseases is because they can't. Not suppose to, never will happen. Never had happen anywhere in history except with Jesus and in the Old Testament but never since. No bunch of people healed ever.

It is impossible to pray that a war between nations to never occur or will cease because a religion prayed for it to be so. Sickness will always be with us and no religion can pray for it not to be. Storms will continue to destroy and scare and no prayer of man will ever stop it. Fact!

Peace is involved in every aspect of our life......Think about this.

So, since prayer can't stop wars or bring about peace then why did God tell us to pray for peace? It's just that we as Christians should pray for peace within our congregations. However, to make this so, some one must stand up and take charge. All must agree on rules and obey them.

Wait! This sound like obeying the words of God that already has rules and conditions written in the Bible, don't it? But, if you can't get along and obey God's rules, it's only clear you will not obey your own rules of bringing peace within the Church or even in yourself. Confusion will always be, thus, confusion is what we have.

The best spiritual peace one can have is having peace within the word of God. That's assurance. Not false peace giving to one own self based on the way they want things to be.

False peace is worldly and give a false sense of happiness through physical things offered by the world. Spiritual peace is an every day challenge of pleasing, thanking God and serving him in a way he may approved our spiritual conduct and behavior toward him by showing him through us. 

Read below what peace really mean. Just a few.....

Psalms 119:165
Great peace have they which love your law: and nothing shall offend them.

John 14:27
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you: not as the world gives, give I to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Roman 8:6
For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

Colossians 3:15
And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also you are called in one body; and be you thankful.

Hebrews 12:14
Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

There is a different between God and Satan and in this generation the peace of God has lost out to Satan. You try to deny this, but deep down you know I'm right. You know exactly where you stand with God and Where you stand with Satan. And you know that the one you love the most is the one you will give most of your time to. Don't forget your talk. Hello!

It's in your every day talk with others, what you say and how you say it. What you hear and how you respond to it. What you see and how you react to it, how you feel and what you do about it. How you love and how you share it. What you believe in and how you live it.... Now that's deep!

Peace in Christ is knowing when and how to use all of the above to show yourself approved of by God in the end. It's sharing the word of God at every instance you have a chance. It is impossible to say one is saved, but only on Sunday when one attempt to make peace with him. Peace in God is his thoughts is my thoughts. Then I have peace.

Peace in Satan is the here and now and all the extra tribulations that goes along with it, like living a total lie thinking you can have it both ways. Satan is twisted and those that follow him are also twisted.

Most Pastors have served Satan for centuries teaching both ways. Some knowing it's not right. Others just doesn't care. The result is people finding peace in the world and ending in the end in Hell with long time suffering for listening to them. All will fall together.

In the end, we can't pray for peace in wars, sickness or any thing out side of ourselves thriving for perfection. But we can pray, desire or hope for peace in our lives by becoming aware of who we are, what we want and go get it. You might say, working towards your goals to help bring you peace through the intelligence of God that has provided everything you need to enjoy this world and the things within and love God with all your heart will truly heal your body, spiritually.

Christ gave you peace. Now how will you use it? Start here and start again. And this time do right. Stop the lies and realize the truth. You life will depend on it. Go and tell other about this site. Now think about it!

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