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  Bishop, B E Ward
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The Church
Understanding The Awesome God And Your Purpose In This World

Many people are playing with God. Millions make it a habit. But are they for real? Do you know most people, yes, in and out will not get to remain in the presence of God? It's true!

What will keep them out mostly? Lies. Many tell ridiculous lies on God and his word. Many are without thought and unable to tell the different between the real and unreal. What make sense and that which make no sense.

Blind followers see a world run falsely by a god rather that a world run by Governments they live under and obey. Foolishly saying God is taking care of them when their jobs and bosses control their lives from sun up to sun down.

Open hands reaching for money to buy food, pay for living and other things. Afraid to stop work for fear of failure or despair. Living under orders and rules laid out by Federal and State governments that cause one to almost break a foot in order to stop to a stop sign. Obeying the law even when the law is not around. A government that bring more fear than God they say is in control.

Lack of money is not begged upon God, but upon jobs and employers, government not raising of wages. yet, because any amount of money will do, will set the alarm clock to rise and shine.

Yes, all that speak loud and say mouth full of lies on God, will not quit their jobs and depend on God to take care of them. No, not one. Reality has a way of hitting one in the rain.

No one can doubt, but a fool, that this is the way God intended for earthly civilizations to build societies. That the gospel saints are suppose to thrive and endure within these government as did Jesus. That Jesus does not yet, reign "Lord of Lords and Kings of Kings."

Until he does, we will keep using "Cesar's money" and the use of it in our societies to survive in this world. Stop low rating God and understand the awesome power of God if he actually was to involved himself in our lives. Pretending God is doing such weak thing is a 'lie told by idiots, signifying nothing," Read the truth and grow in grace.