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The Church

The Pope and Jesus Comes To Town

All of the false church has been talking about God and Jesus coming to their rescue is finally getting their wish in the form of the Pope.

Yes, the very persona of Jesus, oh, I mean, Pope Francis I, will come down from Heaven, oh, I mean, the Vatican, to bless the United States.

Wow! Excuse my french, or in this case, my english, "but it really take big balls to impersonate Jesus."

News medias are having a frenzy
Millions of protestant Christians will pore out right along with Catholics to cheer and roar and even struggle to kiss his ring.

Many will even asked to be blessed by the usual waving and touching the heads of people by him.

Protestants who claim a dislike for the Catholic church will gather their childrens and tell them this is a day to remember.

Like the antichrist, the Pope will stand before thousands of media outlets around the world that will beam his appearance and speech into every country and homes with connections.

This speech is to soften the onlookers and have them believe in the words he speak and in the Catholic Church. This will also increase followers from those that lineage will take the mark of the beast in future events waiting ahead.

Like the antichrist, many will see and believe in him as he speak great words, as the bible state. And yes, his words will be true and believable.

This is the beginning of a  softening message and many more to come by the Pope to weak Christian's that carry only the name.  Like, as even now, we have false Christians posing as true Christian.

The hard line true Christians should see right through the Pope and no exactly what his plans are and warn those around us or them that this is the beginning of the end.

The world is ripe for Satan to build his army. It has been started long ago by the false Christian church that has long gone astray doing and believing in their own selves doing their own  thing.

Satan's demons have overtaken all branches of churches as you see in the wild and foolish stunts, programs and lies being told every time any minister take to the pulpit in any church.

They make God look like Satan, because it is Satan they are really representing,yet, saying it is done in the name of God.

Well, there is no screaming and hollering in Heaven, just as there is only one savior and his name is Jesus and not the Pope.

The Pope and his Vatican City, from it's conception of being world leader over the Catholic Church, always had intentions of being total world leader over all church's in the world.

If this would have succeeded over protestant churches, the Pope would be king, or I mean the Pope would be ruling over mankind.

But it didn't happen so he remain ruler over Catholicism or the Catholic Church.

However, this did not stop him or his church from pretending to be the church of all churches. For he eagerly spread his false love and hope around the world.

The Pope does not care that some oppose him because he believe one day many will reject the protestant way and join Catholicism.

For he know that one day a pope  and another great false prophet they adore will rule for a little while, introducing a new world order of believable lies and control and many will take the mark.

This rule will fall when Jesus return to take his rightful place over earth as Lord of Lord's And King of Kings as he sat as King over the whole world.

Right now Pope Francis I, seek to  under mind and want to sit as King of Kings over the church's and the world. He want to be recognized as Jesus. He want what is not his to have.

So from the very beginning of Catholicism a plan was set to mimic Jesus. The head of Rome religious sect was given the name we called "God." Yes, the very name Jesus referred to most often.

A name all of us will forever say and some even worship. The name of "POPE!!" Meaning, "FATHER!"

Yes, the name Pope mean father. We are forced to call him "father" whether we like it or not.

When he speak in the United States, every Protestant Church member, no matter how powerful they may be will call him "father."

Satan is full of tricks and this one has been played on you real well. This is what happen when the word of God is turned into a business and three ring circus, and not into a teachable and learning source and course to truly prepare folks for what is to come.

You may enjoy your false churches built by hands now, but soon they will not exist. Where will you run to then to find God whom have never been lost?

How will you remain faithful if there'd no pastors to remind you of how God want you to be and live?

To brake it down, all you need to stay in good faith with God is simply read, learn and obey his words and go about your business.

There's no way to be a true Christian unless you are living like one. Not perfect, but striving to be perfect.

No building any where or no people and groups can save you. Only You can do that yourselves. As long as you remain faithful you don't need a building to meet other people at a wall up church to mingle with .You will find them all over. You will know them by the fruit they bare, accordingly to the word of God.

Calling the Pope father is just another sin unto death. He is the imitator of Jesus. Think about it!