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The Church
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Everything Enter The False Church!

Like every Sunday, every one of all kind and character gathered in a building they call a Church to worship outside of themselves. It was filled and mixed with fornicators, shackers, liars, thieves, drunks, drug takers, adulterers, haters, false prophets, confused pastors and just plain fun lovers looking for a place to play with God and hang out for a day retreat. Like always, what they accomplish is Nothing! The reason being, “Nothing from nothing leave nothing!” No change in people…

The false church has taken over just like the bible stated it would. Blind leading the blind unable to see that which is before their very eyes. Corruption, hate and envy consume the false church. The work of the True Church is left undone while each fulfill their own type of self righteousness in loads of false churches.

Sin has overtaken the United States, the home garden where roots of sin starts and forced on the rest of the world as it eat through the word of God. Sin, having no effect nor any heart felt meaning on those that use the false church for nothing more than a gold mines and Sunday daylight club of music, dance and self gratification.

Unbothered church pretenders sit in the midst of them swimming in what they think is chicken soup with large sweet cigars wearing horse blinders being satisfied with all in front of them no matter how filthy it is. They make the stink of hell’s fire and brimstone an empty thought of unbelievable chatter of roses. Live and let live, they say.

Yes, the true church intentions has failed God for lack of fight and suffering, thereby, letting Satan take it over turning the majority of it into the false church of today. Satan the liars consume the false church, thus making all that enter them, sons and daughters.

I do not live in a house made by hands, say the Lord, from scripture. You are the temple of God. The word of God can only be housed and worshiped in you. No building is holy under the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Until this is understood, continue to go find the Lord every Sunday and put him through the sacrifice over and over. Only  a sinner without understanding and knowledge will do such a thing.

I’ll carry Jesus sacrifice and house the word of God in me every day.  I will teach it to others in the right way as every Christian are supposed to do towards other of confused natures.

When sinners praise God without changing, “NASA” we have a problem.


Did You Enjoy Church Today…….

This morning many sinners went to what they call a Church. My question to you is, “How can one go to Church? If the word of God, meaning that which Jesus taught that one must live by inside of them, can only be received in a special place, then that can only mean that the people going to receive it are not Christians.

Listen up people and put on your thinking caps. There is no place, object or building you can go outside of yourself to be with the Lord, nor are there any holy places, which there are none, you can go outside of yourself to be with the Lord. You are the holy body not special places and set ups.

The bible state the Lord said, that “if anyone say or tell you I’m here or there, do not believe them”. Now how clear is this.

It has never been the intention of God for man to continue worshiping in and before or behind altars in  building or on hills sides where altars were built to worship and give thanks.

Jesus coming did away with all of this with the last sacrifice, HIM! There is no more sacrifice. You are the temple of God when the word of God dwell in you or us. Why? Because only you, we, which are the temple of God is that which God desire and not a building. God could care less about a building that so many lose their minds over.

Holy ground is you! The building or temple is you! The word of God live in a spiritual body, you! When you deny this knowledge and understanding of God, you sin against God. You deny the acceptance of Jesus and the word of God. You deny the sacrifice.

Confused people put more time in going someplace and hearing others rather than accepting the fact that you already have what you need in you if you are a Christian. Just go about your business and live on it and each one tell one that’s confused, the true meaning and intent of God.

Continuing to believe you need others to worship with is in itself about as much as strange and ridiculous as believing we will be judged together and not individually on our own merit or together we can save others rather than others enduring individually to save themselves in the end.

Worshiping together is not doing the will of God. Listening to others are not doing the will of God. Hearing tell you counselor show to fix your life mean you are not a Christian nor is the one telling you how to fix your life a true Christian or minister.

Wanting power is causing pastors and ministers to become ”Iyana, fix my life ministers, like Joyce Myers,” rather than, “it is sinful and out of character of God for someone claiming to be a Christian, to not know how to live a Christian life when all you need to fix your life is wrapped up in the word of God.” You Can’t be a Christian and not know this. Not live this. Not believe this is directing your life. Our lives. 

Counselors need you to believe in them so as to keep money flow coming and keeping the high seat in your life, not allowing you to become a true Christian, but a blind follower.

Counselors have grown to become big business in Christianity as we see.  For example, many married couples and even  secular and sinful people seek our false prophets to fix their lives. Even within the building that’s filled with sinners, pastors seek to consul rather than call out sin, thus making it the false church.

Yes, worshipping together in the fashion I’ve outlined will lead to nothing just as it has lead to nothing but a show being performed by actors. Actors are just what the name imply, “Actors!” No actor will enter the kingdom of God no matter how cool you are.

Things done and said in building (churches) sound good and even most time look good, but it’s only and illusion carried out by Satan’s minister to continue to destroy the people and the Church of God.

Come out from among them saith the Lord!…….2 Corinthians 6:17

Yes, I want anyone to tell me how one can go to church when you are the church… This building should be only a place to be taught, yes, Just like any teaching institution and a place to say good by to our love one’s, yes!  To sing occasional praise in songs, yet, being just another auditorium, yes!

Yes, singing praise is a type of worship but not the worship where the word of God can only be heard and God worshiped in a particular place every Sunday and you must go there to be blessed because this place is holy. Not true! Think about it!.