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Weekend Finisher

Satan And The United States Of Gay America, Capital Of The World

It’s true! This past Monday, October 6, 2014, the United States are no longer just known as the United States to the world but the United States of Gay America. A name that will stick forever.And we all are part of it, like it or not!

Guess what? The Supreme Court ruled on this date in favor of gay rights by declining to hear challenges in five states against opposite -sex-couples to get married thereby granting equal rights to gays and lesbians in five states like Indiana, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Virginia and Utah.

This also will strike down other states that has appellate in circuits, like North Carolina, South Carolina, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas and West Virginia. Yes, good old bible belt North Carolina has fallen to Satan to with all it's bible preaching, lies and hate.

This is the law now in 30 states and the rest is soon to fall and follow. This mean that 60% of the United States, right now, love the gay life. So, with this 60% the majority rule. Hello United States of Gay America! Now some of you might get mad or upset with me but you cannot deny it. We have unrighteously obey and earned the right to be called, "The United States of Gay America."

And get a load of this. The majority of people that love this kind of life style and law call themselves Christians. Yes, the Church is so involved and for it also. What a mess the Church has turned itself into.

Remember, the Church claim 180 millions Christian in the United States. This mean that most had to support and or vote for gay rights since there are 300,000,000 people or so in America. Just figure. That's over half and well enough of non-supporters. But they voted for it. Just figure again!

The Church has become afraid to speak against Gay rights for fear of being slammed by the media and lose face or Church. So, silent is golden. In this case, safer. Cowards pretending to be Christians looking like the out side of a dirty cup but inside is worthless, full of dry bones.

They hide behind their walls and care less about how much gay rights take over America. They have given up trying to protest. Even the red states Republican Christian Bible carrying so called Holy Ghost filled believers have given in to the law. All hail the Constitution and all hell to the Bible. The Constitution rule.

Now it matters less to them and they are back to “God will fix it in the end" thing.  Well, he want do it now but he will He better, because the Church isn’t doing a thing but joining in with the crowd.

Yet, they love to play Church and continue on with pretending business as usual by continuing to lie and play in Church like nothing has taken place. Like Gay rights is a normal thing for mankind.

Yes, I said for mankind. Gay America will not stop until the whole world is following America’s lead with Churches seemingly giving their OK to "back it up baby" and "lick me all over." "God loves a cheerful giver." "All hell to the believer."

Every where we turn we can no longer tell the straights from the gays. Even in the Churches gays are holding high offices. The Supreme Court has just raise the bar on abominable act of filth against the law of God.

They told God, "we run earth the way we want to and no one, not even you (God), the people said, will go against our Constitution." ....... Rebellious people that has given themselves and even sold their souls to the devil.

As I’ve stated many times, the United States have lied for centuries pretending "we have the love of God with" us and "God built this country."

The truth of the matter is that this country is a product of Satan. It is here that Satan has set up his Capital Building for the defeat of the majority of Church people right here in America and around the world and not at the Vatican in Rome.

For it is, here, the United States of Gay America, that Satan is reaching out to the rest of the world through our government and the people.

If you think very hard you can easily see that it angers people in the United States of Gay America to see any out side nation mistreating or not giving gays their right to marry and live the life they love. News media's will literally destroy you.

It is a fact that 60% of voting states in America has sealed the deal on where America stand when it come to immorality. It will be interesting to see what the pretending churches will say from their great leaders. Nothing!

Christian Churches lost the battle against gays for God years ago and will continue on into the future and can't do nothing about it. Satan has won this battle on earth until Jesus return. The Church has won nothing. Not even with straight people.

Our failure to use our blessings to bless the world has caused our blessings in the United States never to have been truly blessings from God at all.  Just luck and fate that we rose to the position we hold in the world today just like every other country. Some body had to be the big cheese.

We've had great countries and cities through out history that is no more. Not even Rome that once rule the world is ruler more. Maybe in the near future for a short while. (figure this out).

But in any case the filth, hate and lack of control of mankind has worsen. The United States of Gay America have proved it. But you ain’t seen nothing yet. There are many more woe’s to come. The other 40% of States within the United States are soon to fall. And there ain't nothing the Christian Church or churches can do about it. It's a shame!

What will be your reaction when God ask you, "what was your part in all of this?" Will you lie? I think you will. But I hope the truth will free you. I hope you're done and doing what's right. Best clean it up now and figure our what you will say to save yourself.

Hold out to the end because for the wicked it is not going to be a cook out. Think about it!

The Church