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The Greatest Christmas Lie Ever Told

There is no doubt that nearly every minister, pastor and their followers this holiday merry season will be competing for who can tell the biggest lie on Christ. They will use every scripture in the bible from wise men, shepherds in the fields, sweet baby Jesus in a manger to "lets keep Christ in Christmas."

They will make Christmas one of the saddest feel sorrow feel gladness occasion they can, to prove to the masses that they really are connect with God and all this woop d do is showing God how much we thank him for sending Jesus and that this is the best time of the year for all to love on this "one day" because God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son. Bells and whistles.

Most will wear their best garbs and fluffy robes of golden colors and black laced front paneled show off gowns pretending to be in kingship power and position bellowing out something they know little about but continue because lying is a habit and the masses love hearing a sweet lie not knowing it is a lie but if they did wouldn't care if it was a lie because it is a good feel good lie and most like it.

Lame brain ministers, pastors and those taught by them will declare every thing good that happen after Thanksgiving to be considered a miracle from God ranging from some one being saved from a brutal crash to a baby being healed by a doctor from an incurable sickness. All, including thhe news media will blame this on Christ saving grace of miracles that only works within this time span. Afterward, you're on your own.

There are many that will get angry with me and try in some way to dig deep into their sinning mind to try to justify Christmas and make me out the liar. But guess what? They can't! You can't!  And as long as you can't and I can then I remain the truthful one.

But I'm not hard at all nor a bragger. I'm just doing what servants of Christ are suppose to do. Stand up for the truth no matter who it hurt but do it with love. If one can't do this then they might as well leave the gospel and become the worldly whom they try to protect.

Christ should be removed

The fact is, Christ should be taken out of this holiday. Even though Santa Claus is still a lie there are ways to enjoy the holidays by just enjoying the year end blessings, prosperities music and all the gala God has bestowed on our  lives through seasons after season's end thus twelve months of grace, and if possible, the start on a new year with thankfulness.

If Santa Claus is your thing, so be it. No harm done if the lie don't hurt. In this case it's a traditional thing that bring joy for a lot for a few days and worry and sadness for others. But it's just fun and that's all it should be. Fun and celebration. A tradition that involve all, no matter people's interest. It's just a thankful end fest like Thankgiving.

But Christ and Santa Claus the lie can't go together. CONFUSION! That's why Christ can't be in it or in the midst of it in any kind of way.

Christ is no one to be played with. Especially by those calling themselves ministers and pastors and servants of his. You should know better. There is nothing any where on paper or any truthful knowledge proving Jesus was born on December 25. Nor does anyone on earth know the year. As I have said many times, January 6th was also considered Jesus birth. At that time all Churches swore this was the birth of Jesus. And all Churches bowed to the Catholic Church whom started this lie hundred's even thousands of years ago.

So which is it? Is it January 6th or December 25th. Pastors should know better than to pass on these lies. Yet they continue. Some know the truth but doesn't care while most are just ignorant because they can't tell a lie when they hear it. God can't start worlds with or use peoples that's easily persuaded. Nor can they be trusted with what ever else or where ever else he decide to use or place them.

This holiday can be still enjoyed but without the lie told on Christ. Yes, Christ was born to die for all our sins but pastors should know there are no one day better than another to deliver the word of God. So, why do they deliberately stand behind the pulpit year after year and attempt to try an make God and his Son accept something they cannot accept given the history of it. Can only be a lack of disrespect.

I don't care what minister or pastor or how famous they may be. If they claim we are celebrating Christ's birthday then they are liars and not to be believe. Like I always say. If people lie about Christ's birth then what else are they lying about. A whole lot!

There is a reason why over 2000 years of practicing Christianity has produce nearly nothing but worthless people. People still torn and separated by hate and threats of war. Hunger and lack of shelter. Lovers of themselves and money. Millions of Churches, including the so-called master Church, the Catholic Church are helpless. With so many millions of Churches, Why?

Yet, they believe there is a certain thing as a "one day of false love" to make up to God for what their not doing the rest of the year.   That is, trying to bring love, peace on earth and good will toward men every day. It's pitiful that in over 2000 years things has only gotten worst and not good as some may say. If you believe it has, then you're only seeing an great illusion of the devil.

Just because religions like Islam and Jehovah witnesses and others do not celebrated this holiday does not remove from them as being liars also. They are also separators and pretenders.  Having their own weird customs.

However, there are a few that has come out of the world, unlike the Churches that participate with the world, for a final reward of glory. A few that is hanging on to the end. A few that believe and shudder at the promise of God. No separating these from the love of Christ.

In closing I ask this question. How can the Church get God to justify this Christmas lie? Wouldn't he be a liar if he did? Are your pastor a liar? Will liars enter into heaven?  Ask you pastor, then ask him or her or maybe your Christian parents, why the lie? And just listen to them justify.

So, enjoy your traditions of joy, food, lights and gift giving but do it the right way, without lies from the Church. Do it for thankfulness to God for his many blessing throughout the years and that you made it almost to the end of another one. Remembering so many has gone on but you are still here. Still to show love. Still showing hope. Still to improve your life for a better world to come. 

Happy Holidays and have a fantastic Alpha and Omega celebration.You think about it!

Happy Holidays
The Church