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The Church

The Church putting Jesus Through the Sacrifice again

This is Sunday , a Catholic pagan name ordained by the Catholic Church that grew out of ancient sun worshipers of false gods.  It is a day being called Sunday, a pagan name God would never ordain. You may say for most of the world, “it is a sin unto death.“  By this I mean, nothing can be done about it. Christian allowed it!

However, false Christian worshipers cling to this day and name as though it has been ordained by God.  They claim, this is a particular day and name God did ordain, whether he like it or not, and every one should go to chosen and particular places they call churches to worship him there just like they did in Old Testament times.

What people will not recognized is that we are under Old Testament Laws but living under the New Testament of Jesus Christ which did away with going to temples and place or spots setting up stone and wooden building to worship to in or in from of. There are no more altars and priests calling for sacrifices. No more coming before the altar and stand or kneel to receive the word from the prophets which only they heard from God.

If you are smart and open minded, the truth should be flooding out into you, if you are a knowledgeable person of the word of God.

Jesus Christ brought new news from God that for all intention was to filled the hearts and minds of men and women with the entire word of God and good news all at once and once and for all. This stopped each individual that would hear and do from having to go any where or place or be taught by any like individual the word of God.

This was sealed with the last and final sacrifice upon the altar, body of Jesus, once and for all. Jesus took all mans sin upon himself. This afforded anyone (singular) and personally, after hearing and agreeing to accept Jesus as the Son of God, to be forgiven of their sins and make a completely new start or change in life. But one must be sincere. If you are sincere, according to the word of God, your past sins are forgiven and will not be brought before God.

So, what do all this mean? It mean Jesus did away with ancient worshiping where one must go someplace to hear from God. Jesus made it possible that where any one is or located, they will never be without the word of God, or have to go some place hear it and continue to receive it, because God’s word through Jesus live in US.

Once you know the word of God it will never leave you nor will you ever forget it nor need reminding of it. Jesus said “he would never leave us nor forsake us.” The word is always in you just like your other learning in life. (A two part meaning.)

But you have free will. You can take this knowledge and use it for your personal salvation or you can hear it, learn it, quote it, argue it and continue on with your sinful lives…. Knowing the word of God mean nothing if do not act on it and refrain from sin.

Only you and your daily personal life through Christ can you hope honestly for salvation. There is no where you can go to help you receive it. No one can force it on you. Being in crowds won’t give it to you. Holding programs won’t give it to you. Enjoying the crowds won’t give it to you…. Only you!

Going outside of your self to worship is putting Jesus through the sacrifice all over again like it never happened. You are back to temple worshiping…..Nothing there but all manner and types of sinners, including the ministers and pastors.

Though things have been done for such a long time one way does not make it right. Only scripture from the mouth of Jesus does…… Said Jesus, “ I do not live in a house made by hand,” “WOW!”

God’s work cannot be done sitting on pews and the likes. As true Christian, our job is to teach the true gospel to others. …. Take a look around you…. This has never been done correctly. Hate is still the number one priority to try an combat within so-called Christians.

Again, this is just another day of wasted time when nothing will still be nothing. Take God with you and enjoy life. Enjoy a good movie or trip on this day and any day you choose. You deserve it!  Think about it.