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The Church

Racism, False Church, Silly Chief Of Police In Dallas

It seem that everything I've been telling you about the false religion and the false church is true and has finally come to the surface as you see pastors standing in movements, not calling on God as they have been telling others to do, but calling on the system, like we are supposed to do, to changes laws and apply them, not God, but those in the system, to all citizens fairly. To hold those that willfully kill without mercy accountable for their actions.

As you witness with your own eyes, it is not God marching, but people. As you see, prayer, as has been twisted, has not since slavery solved racism, and will not today solve racism and any problem concerning natural man.

Prayer will not solve what you want solved without your intervention. Without actions taken by you. Prayer is a spiritual thing relating only to spiritual things. These things are hoping you are doing enough to be given salvation. Prayer is keeping in remembrance that there is a Jesus and there is a God that loves us and care about our fate in the after life. And lastly, prayer is given thanks.

So wise people are doing what should be done and that is work and get involved and fight for what kind of country you desire.

Calling on God has not worked and will not work. We call on God through the word of God to forgive us our sins, according to his written word. Then it is we that must live up to God expectation, not God helping us to live up to his expectation.

Fighting for human rights is the rights of humans. We rule the world and set our own laws as does every country. However, spiritually God want us to rule over it in peace and love. We have free choice of whether applying it or going off on our own understanding.

The world chose to go on their own understanding which has lead to what is going on in the world and what is going on in the United States right now.

We are a divided country. We fight as Christians against each other. Half wants rights to live and half wants rights for the police to kill. Democratic Christian vs Republican Christians.

Now, there is this silly black Chief Of Police from Dallas Texas talking out of his behind making me sick to hear him speak.

He thinks the police is great. They walk around with guns, ready to shoot and kill civilians and people shouldn't be afraid.

When they kill someone, it is stated a police officer shot a person. When a civilian shoot a police, they are called by the police and news media a killer or murderer.

I haven't heard this black officer offer his condolences to the black families killed across the country. Or that he was sorry it happen. No! It was all about supporting the police and not these grieving families.

This slick willy made the statement that 99 percent of police around the nation were good cops. And only one percent was bad.

You mean to tell me 99 percent of good people cant reign in 1 percent. Then the 99 percent is protecting the 1 percent which makes them all bad.

Look at this for example: when blacks were killed there were always other policeman around or showed up with guns drawn or threaten on lookers. Why you guns out. The person is already dead.

Look what happen when the lady videoing from her car the shooting death of her boy friend. When the so called good cops showed up, they Immediately drew down on this lady with guns drawn as though she did the killing. The police made her back up backward and her child while threaten to kill her with a cell phone in her hand if she didn't comply. The police that did the killing still threaten to re-kill the dead man with his gun, shaking in his hand.

Next, this police chief, tried to get smart in his speech. He claim people call them for everything from robbery to catching animals.

Well let me state, it is your job to protect and serve. This mean when a dog is trapped and the little old lady call the police for help, you are suppose to come.

You volunteered to do the job. You knew what the job incurred. They didn't have to join. They agreed to the pay and the dangers that go along with putting your life on the line.

It is stated when the shooting started they protected the people and went for the gunman. This is what they signed up to do. To protect and serve the country with their lives. Guys and women does the same in our military. MP's on bases serve and protect and come to the call of all those, whether there is a cat caught in a tree. They are not complaining.

As far as telling the people protesting to stop protesting and join the police force to police their own areas.... If we did that we wouldn't need the police. Then they will be left to continue to steal and take money from mobs, drugs and street people.

They will have no jobs. Then do we fire them as an institution as communities police themselves with guns? We wouldn't need them.

This police chief speaks as though no one in Dallas care about the police, yet, they have brought crimes. This could not happen without cooperation from the people no more than we need Muslims to help curve ISIS threats.

Next: Where will all these cops be when the funerals are held for the ones they killed. Will there be a police line up like that which will be given to our fallen police brothers? No!

Will any police speak out against their senseless killings against the police at their funerals? No! Why? Because they cannot admit they are wrong and they must protect each other.

Right now the police is trying to justify why the guy in the car was shot. They are bringing up his past speeding stops.

As I end, my sadness goes out to the policemen's killed along with civilians killed.

You can blame it on continuing racism and bad and unjust laws on the books catered to protect the police no matter what they do. The law and system must be changed. This is the only way to stop some racism as it disrupt ones life.

Our black males are out of control. But so is white males. It is only black male crimes that are being mostly reported.

Whether or not it, It is still no reason to attack and kill people in daylight for broken taillights or selling DVD's while afraid to enter neighborhoods at night to confront the real bad guys.

As long as you have the Republican Party and people like Donald Trump and Evangelicals Southern Baptist Churches and others you will have and continue to have racism.

They all vote the same, for the same reason and they and skin heads, KKK's and others are one.

Things will never get right until the true gospel is preached and lived by.

Until the time of the two witnesses return to preach the true gospel again, this will continue to be the false church.

We cannot change things with prayer. It take prayer which is natural hope. It take actions.
Think about it!