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The Church
Jesus Has No Sister Name Easter

The False Church, Easter and Pagan Worship Pt. 6
North Korea Day of The Sun Celebration (Sunday)

Read the whole truth now! If you are keeping up with the news, you would know North Korea has celebrated the ‘Day Of The Sun.” What day is this? It’s Sun-day. Yes, the very day, most church people celebrated Jesus on.

You see, the false church and north Korea are celebrating the same DAY. Yet, Americans think they are so much more righteous than they.

Even Donald Trump will be celebrating their day, while wanting to bomb them and express about them that they are ignorant. So, if many people along with North Korea are celebrating the same DAY, wouldn’t this make both ignorant.

You see, there is an old saying and that is, “the pot can’t talk about the kettle when both are burnt and black.” Yesterday, North Korea celebrated the Day of the Sun and tomorrow, America and most churches will celebrate their type of Day Of The Sun (Sunday).


Today, a Jehovah  Witness offered me an Easter pamphlet and I refused to take it. I ask him this question, “do Jesus have a sister name Easter.” He looked and me and went silent, then walked away. He couldn’t answer.

Well, if Jesus didn’t have a sister name Easter, then who is this women being put on a pestle along with Jesus Christ as Helper of the Resurrection?

Then who gave this women the power to cause rabbits to lay chicken eggs and little children looking in hiding places to find them along with confused adults that think a chick bursting forth from an eggs stand equal with Jesus as rising and coming forth from the tomb?

Also, for some of you teaching, if you know Jewish time and ancient culture, you would no that Jesus did not rise on Sunday morning as celebrated. He rose Saturday evening some time after 6pm in the evening as darkness drew near.

Jewish time in keeping with Jewish customs for that time are not American customs. Our days of the week are not past Jewish time.

By the way! Every one of our days of the week are named after pagan gods. Look each one up. (sin unto death).

The only thing rising on Sunday morning is indeed, the Sun!… The truth will surly find you out!


It is pitiful and very sad full to have to ride and see churches advertising Easter on signs as though Easter is a sincere, honest and holy thing to celebrate. This ignorance is taught by pastors that tell you “God called them to the ministry.“ Well it look like they lied on both fronts.

What about those that’s always trying to make pretty sayings and trying to tell you about how much they love God and giving advice or acting like they are so righteous Now you know they are as much of a sinner as pagans.

But one thing you can believe me on and it’s this. The ones that celebrating and wishing happy Easter, as a Christian, is not a true Christian but a hijacker of the name.

Just think If Christ was this confused that he would teach the pagan God Ra or Mithra as being equal with his Father, God, and Easter having the same superiority.  We all would be confused. Even God would be confused about Jesus.

But Jesus is not confused. He preached and taught about only God the Father.

There are two churches. The ancient Roman civil church of law and the Church of Jesus Christ , the Heart, the body of believers, the congregation, the word, the inside heart church built off Peter.

If someone after knowing the truth does not change or stop what they are doing when what they are doing is defacing and blaspheming the works and spirit of Jesus and God should they be considered a Christian?

What if a great and powerful Pastor or Evangelical well know celebrity do the same, should they be considered a Christian?

What would you think of your favorite TV minister if he mix Easter with the Resurrection?

Do you think someone is inspired to speak on behalf of God when they cannot tell the different between right and wrong?

If a rabbit laying colored eggs is associated with Queen Ishtar or Easter, can either be separated to enjoy the other when one cannot exist without the other?

If the resurrection of Christ and Easter is mention in the same voice as “The Easter Resurrection,” shouldn’t that discount the speaker or believer as being untrustworthy and not a Christian?

Matthew 12:31, “Therefore I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven people, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.”

Coming soon will be Sunday, the original day named for the day of the sun and sunrise service will come and all will cry, “open the doors and let all come in.” And all will pour out and worship together as one.  And all will fall into the ditch together, for they are “hypocrites and fools,” stated the Lord.

Yes, many are gearing up to share their heart with their long awaited second resurrected person, Easter!  They will also worship the egg and compare it with Jesus coming out of the tomb.

False pastors, minister and liars will spread this lie for Satan to all that listen to them, that this is an Easter Resurrection celebration for Jesus. Be sure to go to worship and don‘t forget to dress the kids in new clothing, they will say.

The church will also merge the pagan God “Mithra,” the sun god, in their early Sunrise services by doing just as  pagans did by singing praises in the early morning until the sun rise. 

By the way, Resurrection service is a man made festival, not ordained by God. It will not get anyone into heaven by celebrating it (tradition). And yes, it is a mixture of both Sun rising and Christ rising. Messed up by any mean.

How can people say they worship God, yet, still worship the Persian, Roman and Iranian ancient God, Mithra or the Mithraism religion along with Ishtar, Easter? Is it that maybe they are not Christians. Christian should worship and know only two Gods. God the Father and God the Son.

Jesus Christ never had a sister named, “Ishtar or Easter.” God has no daughter named, “Ishtar or Easter.”
So, who is this person you put aside Jesus?

Only pagans celebrate pagan festivals. Only confused ministers and liars promote it. But Stan has people in his grip so hard that nothing hardly anyone can say can get them to turn on him. Instead, they turn on the deliverer with great hate. If fact, Jesus died as a deliverer also. Now you know. Will it make a different or will you say, “he is a liar, stone him and cast him out.“ “We love what we do and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to take part.

Yes, the false church will bring both into the building and give both equal billing. They will worship both in the building or church as Gods. Then we will take the children out to hide Easter eggs. You might as well hide some Jesus eggs to because all is celebrated as one.

“Come out from among them,” say the Lord. …..

Lastly, do you understand what was just said? Did it mean anything to you?  Will you STOP celebrating it or see no wrong in it?  If you answered NO, then there is not much help for you.  Read the entire truth on my webpage.