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The Church

It’s A Fact, Christmas and You may not be Living for God

Did you know that most Protestant people have for over 260 some years celebrated a lie about the birth of Christ  and Christmas and your pastors help promote this lie right along with many of you.

Do you know that it is hard to call one’s self a Christian when they live, love and promote the Christmas lie. Search the internet for yourself. Plenty of history there.

But people caring the name Christian do not want to change from this celebration even if it is rooted in history filthy pagan celebration.

When the bible state man loves a lie more than the truth, then Christmas is it. And who’s spreading this lie around the world, so called Christian  I call the False Church. This is proof of the false church.

Why do people that call themselves the church continue in Christmas? Wouldn’t you think for so long many people in over 200 years would question why, where and when such a celebration was started?

Why would a pastor that said they were called by God help spread and uphold a lie about God? This doesn’t make sense. One reason is that these pastors were never called by God. There names are not in the bible as being called by God. Thus, this make them a liar again. Why? Because God calls no one to spread lies nor to lie on Him. So, they are open to believing and spreading lies.

As  for the people, they also have become liars and willing participants and protectors of their pastors and Christmas. People that call themselves Christians could care less about this lie because they love it. They like lying to their children and telling pagan stories and playing Santa Claus.

Since the bible speak of a false church, when are the pastors, ministers and followers going to realize this is the false church and begin speaking out against it to restore as much of the true church (people) from becoming lost.

Here are some more facts. While protestant Christians speak against the Pope and the Catholic Church, they get in bed with them around the holidays. No separation.

Did you know that Christmas was started by the Catholic Church and the word ‘Mass” comes from them, meaning a whole group of people coming together under them, worshiping through them. Yes, the protestant church has not come from under the Catholic Church as they say.

Another thing church people are lying about is pastors telling people God ordained Sunday for worship when they should know that there is no set aside day to worship God. It’s 24 hrs a day, every day. No where is Sunday or any day in the bible saying to worship Christ.

In the Old Testament, Saturday, being the seventh day of the week, was the “Rest day” to show respect for God. This is no longer under Christ for the Jews nor for Christians. Even though some religions still recognized the seventh day for worship, they are wrong even though they claim Christianity.  Sunday worship at a wooden building as the day God made for worship is a lie.

These are three lies that pastors have taught for decades against God.  I find it disrespectful to disrespect the very one you call “Father,” “God,” “My Savior.” How can any one fix their mouth and heart not wanting to make a change.

However, Christmas is made, enjoyed and celebrated by the right ones that it was founded for. Sinners! The heart and soul of Christmas is rooted in drugs strong drinks, violence, sex, thievery, robbery, Hollywood, most music industries, Hip hop, Rock and Roll, Country Music and others. It was the world back then and is the world today.

Fact! Look around you. Who are you looking to get most of your entertainment from? What’s on television or who’s being celebrated in great parades. Certainly not Jesus. All the people cheer for one pagan creation. “Santa Claus.”

The False Church is the leader of Christmas in the world. They do exactly what God told them not to do, and that is to stay away from worldly things. Be in the world but not of the world. Yet, you and no body else can prove the church is not the promoter of Christmas. “The greatest lie ever told.”

Why can’t the church (people) celebrate end of year celebration. Just thanking God for life. For making it thus for through out the year. Understand that many have gone, but I live to get older because I made it close, near or made the year. Thank him for blessings before hand that you were able to use to better your life.

I celebrate the “Omega” (the year end) and I enjoy giving and receiving gifts, the kids, friends, lights, music and food and still maintain my faithfulness to God. I need not pretend.

If you enjoy Christmas and it bother you not, you should question you Christianity status, because something is wrong and a lot of people are fooling themselves.

I quiver when some one say to me “Merry Christmas.” I try to respond by just saying “happy holidays.” I can’t stand the word because it group me with sinners. I feel sorry for those that use it with such joy. Serving Satan and sinning against God by lying on his Son, and asking Jesus to accept this birthday lie because people can’t give it up.

For example, God doesn’t know when his Son was born and Jesus simply forgot so he let heathens chose a day for him……WOW!!!

What I really hate is that so many old people that looked toward a leader and pastor for guidance to tell them the truth may be heading down a road of big surprises.  We better hope God is as forgiving as he say and some.  But he hate a liar something bad.

Older people, like you, have been caught up in sad bible stories of Jesus birth tailored around December 25th where minds have been burned to accept Christmas, the sweet songs as the actual day of Jesus.  They are taught to truly worshiping him in some sort of way that cannot be done the other 364 days of the year.

The bible state that man hate the truth and hate the one that bring it. I guess I am hated. But it’s all right. The bible also states the “most holiest person barely make it into Heaven. And it they barely make it, what say the rest of us that no barely nothing?”

I do not no where I place with God and no one else does. People lie about being saved. But the bible say this is determined by God at Judgment. No one can predetermine the mind of God. Therefore, no one can say they are save.

You can say you are seeking salvation in the end. You are saved if you keep the word of God in your remembrance and life. But, the final Judge over life, regardless of what you believe or told is God at the first Judgment. Pray you be in the first Judgment, for the second Judgment, regardless of your knowledge of God, is woe, woe, woe. Hell fire!

Too many lies are being told in the false church, to include tithing.  Now we have about 5 lies told by the church.

At least try to change your life that you may, if barely, be counted to enter the beautiful city of Heaven and reside there until we move on to other duties through out the universe(s), the galaxies. Even this is for from your knowledge.  Too many lies and I’m just giving you a drop.

Read my website and learn why God sent Jesus to the world…Most do not know….Think about it!