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The Church

Is God Really Protecting You?
It’s so easy to catch people in lies they can’t talk their way out of. Being wrong seem to be a love romance with Satan that claim the senses.

The bible state that God do not want you ignorant.  Yet, ignorant matter not to the new Church. No matter what truth one hears they seem to find a way out of it, they think.

Many are claiming God is their protector. They think this protector become a spirit body and intervene on their behalf. This will never happen! Not now! Sickness, disease, killings, hurricanes and tornadoes and war defy this logic.

The use of this word, protector, as they put it, must always refer to saving grace. If I use this word, I immediately know it is related to me standing against Satan and keeping him from taking hold and leading my life. I am protected by the word and the blood as they become my shield as I apply the word to me.

Obedience in the word of God change actions and character.  Believing on the word through Jesus and God will protect me and you from hell.

The word of God will not protect you from incidents or people from thousand of years ago would still be living. A reality check.

I am protected by the word of God if I abide by it and keep it in my heart. The bible say to write it on our heart. Be watchful, stay faithful and true.

So to once again prove a point to those that say God is moving in their live and doing whatever and is their protector through out the day, I say this.

God is not intervening in our lives at all! No time. No one on earth can prove it…We are judged on what we do and not what you think God is suppose to do for you right now!

But let me get your mind to wondering. I’m doing it just to show you how disconnected you are if you keep believing falsely as you do. 

Here are a series of questions. Answer them fairly and not lie. Answer them truthfully and you’re on your way to higher understanding and away from the false church toward true worshiping. Answer the list below:

1.  If your house catches on fire, who will you call? ….. God or the fire department
2.  If you get seriously sick and have no car who will you call? …..God or 911
3. If some one is breaking into your home who will you call? ……the police or God
4. Who’s roaming the streets and highways for criminals and intruders at night while you sleep?….. God or the police
5.  If you are in trouble on the deep waters who will call for rescue? …..God or the Coast Guard, 911
6.  If shootings are taken place where you are and you run for cover who are you looking to come to your rescue? …… God or the police
7.  If hurricanes and tornados bring floods and trap you in your home who are you looking to rescue you?….. God or the Nation Guard and police
8. Who’s protecting you from the inside of the United States from terrorists? …. God or the police?
9.  Who protect you and the United States from the inside and outside, keeping our country safe from those who want to destroy us, thereby allowing you to worship in peace?…… Is it God or the military?
10. What does the military use to deter our enemies from attacking us, you?….. Do they use the bible or Guns, bombs, war planes, submarines, ships and satellites?
11. When you get a cold or feel really bad, where do you go to get help and relief? ……. Do you go to God in prayer or the pharmacy, local family care or emergency rooms at hospitals?

Look around you. This is your reality. This is how the world and nations work and has always worked. They work by having governments, military and super weapons. It’s how we get alone with each other in this world.

We, as Christians, try to reach all we can to change as many lives as we can to let them no that we are in the world and subject to the things of the world. 

But we are not of the world. We behave differently and we endure the things of this world until the end or death. We share love and the love of Jesus to others. This is our commandment.

We will be judged on how we did. Then the righteous shall be saved. No one is saved in the flesh. They must first be judged. Only one that can make the decision on who’s saved or dies is GOD!………