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God is not protecting Us or You .. Louisiana Flood…. Part 2

Nearly 5 days ago I wrote an article on how people in church pretend in good and safe times how God is taking care of them and they are so blessed because they are something special according to scripture that, if there, has been twisted it to suggest the impossible.

Many people try to disprove things I say but cannot and will never when truth over ride non facts. When proof always win. With out proof you are left with conjecture. Conjectures are not facts.

This is what goes on when conjectured teaching lead to mindless thinking. So I will use the Louisiana flood as a proof and fact that God is not working for you or doing anything for you that has not already been dome. Many do not even understand what I just said, so let me continue.

Days ago I mention how God does not intervene in our affairs and how we look to ourselves as human and as people whom God told to take control of the earth and build and multiply to help ourselves. He did not say he would do it for us. We are to take care of what he left in our hands.

No sooner than I mention the role of the Police, Fire Department, Military, Coast Guard and National Guard  as being our protectors did a rain flood, that prayer could not stop, flood Louisiana, killing some and leaving many with homes and businesses flooded. Even churches and other spiritual building or churches and temples bowed to the flood.

Since most in the country call themselves Christians, I can presume these were Christians and religious people that are being displaced in the flood that has been told that they are above disasters, sickness and death because they believe in the Lord. Just call on the Lord and the flood will not come or the rain will not drop it’s water.

As you see and hear from the media they and others called on these departments of rescue and not God as they waited for help and was glad they and or their neighbor or friends came to their rescue.

It’s sad what is going on, but we can’t pray to stop anything. Actions on our part in many ways can sometime be taken and sometime not. We do the best we can to overcome and move on.

Some said, “they don’t know why God would let this happen, a case proving them being Christians?” False teaching is why they blame God for that which God has nothing to do with. Natural occurrences! Natural life occurrences.

Yet, pastors leave people with this bad taste in their mouths when something doesn’t work out the way they were taught or told it would. Such lies make God looks bad and have turned many from Christianity and the reason so many other religion is flourishing.

The rain flood in Louisiana is just one of many storms and bad things that will be. The bible tell us this. But have to learn to tell and identify truth rather than being blinded against being a truth teller and a that servant that strive to be a near perfectionist pleaser of God or be wasted and destroyed because of ignorance.

Not perfect, but striving to be perfect. This is just maintaining yourself to be the best servant we can be for the glory of God every day. The false church of today is an enemy to God. Few there be that make it in, state bible scripture. Think about it!