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Church Revival, has it worked? NO!

Before you get in a knot and start making faces, what I’m going to teach is all, once again, facts. I believe in proving facts. This way it leave little room for doubt, thus, giving the reader a greater sense of thought and wonder leading toward a better person for Christ to receive unto himself.

If we look at the United States alone we see that most of us have believed in a revival of the soul type Church services for centuries. Revival services have been a time, and still is, where folks spend at least a week in night service trying to make amends for their sins. ( we are not living by animal sacrifice).

I wonder why most revivals are always at night and not as many in the day time. I guess we don’t need it as much. Maybe because it interfere with our special life styles and of course, making that money.

So, I presume our sins can wait until around 7pm. Then it’s on like white on rice. On like Donkey Kong. Change me baby if you can. You got one weeks to make it happen or you lose again!

Let’s talk about revivals for a few. Many pastors believe in their hearts this is a good program to push on people. That over a period of time people need reviving. And holding revival meeting nights will certainly purge them of their sins. (no enduring to the end here)

While this sound like a good idea, it is always a good idea to know where this come from in the bible. I’ve searched  and found one a few verses but I’m not going to share them with you right now. Let me give you some history then I will speak some more on revivals.

Did you know that the first revival was started by white protestants in the1740’s and 1750’s. Protestants thought this was a good idea because it would spread love and rebuild lives in the people.

They figured the people were not loving and carrying as they should be. Revival of the soul would take away all the anger, hate and bad sins that over took the wonderful people at that time.

Though this was thought of and executed by some slick pastor or flock member, I have a problem with why and how it could have started in the first place..

You see, Slavery started in 1691 and was in full bloom during the time of this new Revival which started in 1740‘s and 50‘s when slavery was in full bloom.

But, like, National Prayer day, Revival of the soul did not include slaves. Slavery continued another 125 years after the beginning of Revival by the so-called Church Protestants.

It was not until our Congress finally passed the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution against slavery that it seem to end but just took on another face.

Read it for yourself…..

“Passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, and ratified on December 6, 1865, the 13th amendment abolished slavery in the United States and provides that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States,”

That’s a hundred and twenty five years. It took the united states 125 years to abolish slavery after Church Revival started. And long  before this abolishment, white slave owners or Church protestants were owning and abusing blacks while at the same time going to God asking to be revived afterward. How brave was that?

Probably some where close to the abolishment and some time after, blacks were allowed to joined in this Revival service, but was not allowed to sit with nor mingle with whites. They had separate booths. Up North some mingling took place for a while but gradually faded.

So, back in 1740’ and 1750’s what purpose was the great Revival serving other than wanting more power to kill and rape, whip and spit on slaves.  Merciless hangings and burning? Is this what they wanted to be revived to do? Wanting God to give them strength to continue doing  these things.

Their Church revivals was not asking God to teach them how to love blacks as their neighbor and fellow brothers in Christ.  If they had did this then slavery would have been a different type of slavery. Maybe the same type outlined in the Bible where the salve received the master‘s riches after the master died.

They should have taught the truth to slaves telling them that when they became Christians they also became brothers and sisters to all Christians no matter the color. This meant fairness for all.

No! They left this part out of their soul building Revival changing study time to slaves to maintain control over them. So much for that kind of revival.

At the  time of Revival super hate raged inside the Church. It was the Church that owned slaves. The masters claimed to be Christians. They all went to Church mostly emptied of any blacks excepts those serving dinner.

But in any case all races now believe and hold Revivals at their Churches. And all claim it was started by God and it’s a God thing that was inspired by God even though that past god (with a small g) was a racist.

So, lets now take a look at where all this Revival stuff come from. Let’s read it:

Psalm 85:6 - Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?

Isaiah 57:15 - For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name [is] Holy; I dwell in the high and holy [place], with him also [that is] of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.

To the untrained mind one would certainly think Revival is certainly justified. But to one that has an understanding can safely say that these scriptures doesn’t mean what the Church is saying they mean for Christians.

Therefore, once again we have scripture twisted to confuse the unlearned by Pastors and other officials.

The problem we have with both scriptures are that the people, as in Psalm, are asking or begging God to make them right. That is, if God do it for them then they will rejoice in him and not before. They want God to pull their weight for them when trouble arrive and forget about him when it’s all over and in their favor.

So does in Isaiah. People want God to do for them. But if you notice,  God will do for them if they will do for themselves. He is reviving them only if they want to be revived. 

But for God to constantly revive people over and over do not make them truly love Him for who he is. God needed this to be the other way. Prove me your love.

The different between these scriptures and the word of God through Jesus Christ is that people themselves must live accordingly to the written word of God. Get and keep it. No more God doing for you or fighting your battles. You must show God you are worthy at all times.

Instead of God showing the people his love through gifts, we now show our love through obedience of the word of God through Jesus Christ for the shedding of Christ’s blood to return us back to God in a new way call serving and becoming servants.

Yes, you, we, I are now dedicators to the will of God.  We thank Him for life eternal for as long as we shall live on earth and beyond by never forgetting it.

A spirit fill person through Jesus Christ cannot die to the point that they need reviving before resurrection. If so, then they never had nor never was a Christian in the first play. Why? Because the word of God is always before us to sustain us.

Unlike the misunderstood scriptures of Psalm and Isaiah, we must maintain a continuous relationship of servitude with out asking God to do this or that. As a Christian we must prove to God that we can stand on the word of God alone.

No! There is no such thing as a revival for Christians. Only for the sinner that is dead to the will of God.

Now! What is today’s Revival good for? Nothing! A show! A game! A waste of time as has been shown for the past 274 years. It has helped absolutely no one. It has become just another tradition that God hate.

But it will continue to exist because it is a well played game for crowds of people to pretend they so-called get some special Spiritual help from some Spirit that never show up except in the form of devilishness.

A time for Satan to strut his stuff in people that pretend to shout, scream and holler and do a whole lot of lying on God through testimonies. Wait a minute! Maybe they do need reviving.

Let’s take an inside look at today’s Revivals.

First, there must be a pastor’s anniversary. That’s when they, after a week of service will on the following Sunday receive honor and of course a lot of money and gifts for doing nothing.

But before this, the Deacons and Mothers organize a preaching marathon employing a different pastor to preach on behalf of the Churches pastor because this is their week of honor. His or her time to sit on their throne to be showered in honor just like Jesus and God.

Other ministers and pastors stand in line hoping to be chosen because this could lead to a great pay day night. Sometime only one pastor from another Church is chosen to do the whole week of service if they are the big guns.  The jokers, the educators , the school trained.

Thus, getting  thousands of dollars for trying to do what the Churches pastor couldn’t do. That is, get people to serve God. (shameful). But worst than this, is getting people to pay the pastor to tell them what they should already no after years of hearing the word of God.

I think this is pitiful and show very little of a pastor that can’t handle his flock, being the shepherd, that they need help to contain the sheep’s they’re suppose to be in charge of.  Somebody need to be fired!

Though nothing I’m saying will mean a thing to many. The fun will continue. Revivals has and is producing good pay days for ministers and pastors and will not stop no matter what I say or you say. The people love it, even though it was started by hate groups and disapproval of God.

It didn’t stop when the Churches of Revelation was warned. Look at us now. No different! In the same fix! Pulling the same old tricks in church.

For the few that will enter into the Kingdom of God I say this. Learn to tell what is scriptural and what is man made for man’s enjoyment, thus, traditions. 

Always ask the question, “What do this has to do with salvation?  Ask this of your pastor and listen for the lies that will come out of their mouths from all directions. But, listen carefully.

Does it make sense what they say? Then ask again, “What has that got to do with salvation?” The conversation will end quickly. Question every thing. Especially others not of your Church.

”What is salvation?” Just living your life according to the will of God. Start by learning to love God through his words and not the word of man.  Then yourself, then each other. Every thing else in life hang on these. You need do nothing else. The whole world would be a better place if these were observed.

Before I go I must say this because there will always be some slick pastor or minister that’s good with words trying to justify a mean when they have been called out as fakes.

There is a famous scripture these slick willies uses to so-call prove their case and hopefully try to make me out a liar. But it want work.

I will expose the very scriptures they will use and I will show you in these scriptures that they are twisting it from what it truly say, to what they want it to say.  Read the scriptures below and then let’s talk about i

1 Corinthians 3:5

What then is Apollos? and what is Paul? Ministers through whom ye believed; and each as the Lord gave to him.

1 Corinthians 3:6

I planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.

1 Corinthians 3:7

So then neither is he that plants anything, neither he that waters; but God that gives the increase.

Now! Let’s expose these scriptures into one nut shell. Listen up carefully and think to the point that you can actually see into these scriptures. I’ve give you time to figure it out. 1234 time up!

1 Corinthians 3:6 and 7 are referring to sinners and how difficult it is for them to believe and accept Jesus. Some time it take others to reach out to a sinner and do or say something that might cause that person to think even more than the information they got from another. Then the two connects.

Once enough of the word of God has taken hold into that person, then that person start to believe. Being it is the word of God that brought about the change, then it is God’s word or God that that person now believe in, thereby bringing an increase in that person understanding from death to life. From not knowing the truth to knowing the truth.

So, beware when they bring this scripture up to justify having revivals. It has nothing to do with it.

To call yourself a Christian and needing to be revived at the same time just doesn’t add up. The two can’t go together. Either you are a Christian or your not.

A fire ash is worthless until it become a fire in which it can be useful for many things. It must be revived or soon it will die out quickly. This shouldn’t happen with a true Christian where the word of God lives or burn within them to show them right from wrong. 

How can a Christian fire go down to a sinner yet still be called a Christian? Needing reviving is worthless to God. Is Christ returning to gather the ash or the useful fire. Don’t get caught in your revival state.

Some time pastors will say we need help from others. Maybe so, but not the word of God inwhich you claim you have as a named Christian. If you got a problem, you don't need to go to Church to solve it. You need to get with some one that can help you with it, There is nothing you can get from a Revival. Absolutely nothing! Just a disgrace to God.

I think about God in every thing. I’m not perfect and make mistakes but I still respect the word of God by understanding how I’m suppose to conduct my life at all time. When I said yes to Jesus I entered into an so-called marriage type agreement not to mess off while he’s away.

Next: This person in scripture could not have been a Christian because telling Christians something over and over again leave no time to reach out to the lost, especially when that Christian is suppose to be doing the same thing. Reaching out to sinners.

So, no! Scriptures of Psalm and Isaiah are not pertaining to already saved people but the unsaved. Those that want something for nothing. “Revive us again the scripture say.”

And like I always say. If you call yourself a Christian, yet, need to be revived year after year after year or still need some one to teach you how to be servants of Jesus or God and their intent, then you definitely need to consider where you stand because you’re not on the Lord’s side by a long shot.

Revival! Just another trick of Satan. Just another tradition that haven‘t worked. Look at the United States and those within.  You think about it!

The Church