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Bombing, God’s Protection and Guns

There was a terrible bombing of Christians in Belgium. Yes, many caught in the blast, if not all these, were Christians that were told the great lie that God would protect them. This same lie is told to Christians in this country.

Both countries, though using the name Christians are using it because it is a free name anyone can claim. As people in France and Belgium is finding out quickly is that their prayers to God for safety is a prayer best held for the police. Not that there is no God or prayer to God, but God will only start his intervention in man’s affair when two witnesses are sent. This is the beginning. Revelation 11: 1-4.

Lets take a look at these Christians in the United States. I use Donald Trump because he seem, by many, as the savior of American Christians. Many followers of him are Gun toting Christians just as many of you. Nearly every Christian home has a gun or police on speed dial, not God.

However, with all these guns and police we have for protection many are still scared to death of ISIS. All of a sudden, families that own guns find that God they believe in is not enough. Christians running toward Donald Trump feel he is more capable of protecting them than the God they were told by pastors would.

But it’s not just Scared to death Republicans, but Democrats also. Yes, those that no longer believe in their own talk of plea the blood (what ever that is) and other ridiculous sayings, are now depending on the government and police to keep us safe from terrorists bombing.

A Fact…. God is not protecting us….

If God was protecting us we wouldn’t need Guns, police and militaries for protection. But we do! Therefore, there is not one of you that can say God is personally protecting you with any truthfulness.

None of you will take your belief, catch a plane and get on the battle field in Iran and tell ISIS, “God sent me to tell you to stop your stuff! ”Why? Because deep down, you are no fools. You know how far to take your imagination.

It’s easy to raise sand when there is no rain. When there is no storm. Yes, one can even imagine their life to be driven by forces they themselves think they are controlling through prayer. They think because they do not personally call on the police, that their protection comes from their biblical belief to call on God.

But not so. One can imagine power to reach the Almighty God himself, but it’s just your imagination running away with you. Yes, the truth is just this. You are Imagining things! Not real! We are taught by false pastors to imagine the impossible as possible, thus given false hope toward a real situation that more often ends in grief not to mention turning away those that believed in healing.

But there is a real world and we all live in it. We all have a part to play to please God and not God pleasing us. God could not Judge us fairly if he was spiritually undercover helping us. How could he?

We display no strength to please him on our own. He would have to take the blame for our good and bad if he was helping us in our good and bad? How could he judge those he helped? How could he say at judgment, “how,” “when,” and “where?”

We are doing what we are suppose to do and that is believe and trust in our government and system to protect us. This is how the world has always been, even when Jesus walked the earth.

Fear of ISIS or any terrorist is normal just as fear of death and sickness is normal. We are the army God left on earth to defend him, recruit others and do battle against Satan. To keep Satan from destroying corrupting mankind by reaching out to the lost.

How can we serve?..

We work through hardships ourselves because this is what we are supposed to do. Yet, we do not lose our love for God or our belief in an afterlife through Jesus Christ. John 20:29, “Blessed is he that believe without seeing.”

This is passed from one to the other. But as you see in our government and all governments around the world that all men turn toward the government for help. Voting time is a time for eye opening as you rush and struggle in your mind to pick the right person to best benefit you as you struggle in this country and life. Voting is reality.

Stop your lies because liars will not enter Heaven. Once again, there is absolutely no one on the face of the earth that can prove me wrong. Like Israel, we want a god we can see and we got it. The Government!

God has already done what he wanted to do for us. How you use this blessing is up to you. Think about it! Read more truth at