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The Church
Another Mind Changed, One on One Teaching

Just a day ago I cross path with a very sweet woman who believed in the Lord. From her talk I really believe she was serious in what she believed as she was taught also.

The Conversation started when I purchase an item from her and she replied, “God bless you.”  I then replied back, “ I am already blessed. I said, God has placed in us a brain to think and movement of limbs to go forth. That it’s up to us to determine how we use this blessing, good or bad, it’s our choice.

She said that is true and this was the first time she ever heard it put that way. However, she continued with how she spend a lot of her time in church talking to people. She even told of a story of the pastor stealing money from the people and leaving.

I ask her what was she doing going to church? Don’t you know that that the intent of God was to do away with buildings, altars and priest or pastors standing behind them and having the people rely on them rather than God?

Do you know that Jesus fulfilled and done away with building worship? Do you know that sitting in front or behind and altar is putting Jesus back through the sacrifice or taking away the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross as the final and only sacrifice that can please God and take away sin?

She said, she has never heard it that way but now that I mention it, it does make sense because the bible say that we are the church? I said that’s right!

She said she spend a lot of time praying for those in the church. I ask how can you do that? If they are Christian they don’t need your prayers to fix them. One cannot be a Christian not knowing the basic of the intent and not able to apply it in their lives?

I said, beside, we can’t pray good into any one, nor stop sickness nor stop death with it. This is something people must want to become themselves. Besides, prayer is hope. This hope can be use in many ways in respecting God and hoping for the best toward others.

She mention she went to a Bennie Hinn concert. She stated her spirit did not like what was going on there and a lady approached her and her husband to come sit in the front row. She said she did not feel right doing this so she told her husband to just sit in the third of fourth seat. She then said the lady told her that she knew the “truth“. She said a feeling of the spirit came all over her when she said this.

What truth I dared not ask?…..

I told her not to get carried away because all she was, was a “mark“. Someone for them to convince along with others for money, buying books and CD’s. I stated the same thing happen to my wife and I at a certain holiness church that had people arranged to identify new comers entering. Later a so-called lying prophet will call us out.

This indeed did happen as the false prophet did signal us out as we were the only new people that was there from an invite. The person in question had my wife to stand and said God told her that she was a woman of excellence. The false prophet even told me that my bills will be paid.

First of all, God does not recognized anyone as excellence. Although the crowd there shouted in joy. Next, I knew I had bills, but I also knew my going to work was the only way to pay them. I saw this was a sham and we left while they continued to play with the Lord, which is not possible. Most people in church seem to think can/

I told her this is a game that most Evangelicals and false prophets play in one order or another to set up people I call “marks” to charm and rob them with worthless products.

She said, you might be right because she, the lady, kept trying to get my husband and I to get on the front row, and they was selling products at the end.

As I ended with much more to say to her, I like to leave a thought into the minds of those that seem to think God will heal them and others if you believe……

So I had to ask if she had health Insurance? She said yes! So I told her pastors have health Insurance also, so why are they telling people to trust the Lord to heal them when every one in church has health insurance. Why? Don/t they trust God or is Insurance just for assurance?

She laugh and said you’ll right, I never thought of this. She said, you know pastors is keeping all of us blinded because they don’t even know what is right or wrong. “I don’t even think they really care any more“, she said.

I then told her my wife and I have to go. She said, do you have a card or something? I said, here is a card to get to my website. She took it and said, you told me some things I thought about but couldn’t ask about. She said I will certainly go there

Then she said, “God must have sent you to me“.  I could have started another conversation with that phrase but I said to my self, “she’s eaten enough, let me give her time to swallow“. “All things will come together in time“. Think about it!