Republican Conservatives False Church Supports Trump’s “Shit hole” Racist Remarks….!
Evangelical State they Love Donald Trump!

If you have not heard the latest racial remark from Donald Trump, then let me state what he said about blacks from Haiti and Africa. He called these nations, “shit hole” countries, meaning blacks and even you are part of these shit hole nations.

 It is said that his base will not be affected by this. He will lose no followers because this is what the love to hear and this is why they voted Trump into office.

Now guess who they are? They are the racist Evangelicals that voted for him because he says things they want to say. They, the Evangelicals said Trump say what they want to say.

Now who are these Evangelical followers of Donal Trump that you love? Here are a few. They are:

Joel Olsteen, Rick Warren, Joyce Myers, Mark and Grass Driscoll, Franklin Graham, Billy Graham, Jerry Falwal Jr., Pat Roberson, TD Jakes, John Hagee, Tim Lahaye, Tony Perkin, Charles Stanley, Creflo Dollar, Carrie Underwood, Chuck Swindoll, Benny Hinn, Juanity Bynum, Kenneth Copeland, Hal Linsey, Jimmy Swaggart, Don Stewart, Charles Stanley, Paula White, Jack Van Impe, and many others.

Yes, these racists, liars, fake and false schemers and robbers preach love to you and no nothing of it. Why would you follow and or support people of this sort.

Listen up! It doesn’t matter how nice or sweet a person respond to you. It is their vote that divide you. I’ll say it again, ‘it is their “VOTE” that separate them and us.

These voted for trump and accept all his stupidity. He was sinister before they voted for him and they knew what kind of man he was but voted any way for him. No excuse!

If you listen to what these people say and find yourself loving them, then you are no better than they are. You start to think like they think. If you are a Democratic Christian you should be teaching them, not them teaching you. We believe in togetherness as the saints and not division as the devil.

Hate and racist toleration will not enter heaven. If they want to call me out as being wrong, then I accept your or their challenge. These Evangelicals are among the highest Evangelicals in this nation. Why don’t they speak out against Donald Trump?

Why not? Because they love it. After the remarks made by Trump, we should see Evangelical TV personalities all over the news denouncing Trump’s actions. Sadly, we won’t! Yrt I hope for the best.

Conservatives love Trump and these Conservatives, most, claim Evangelical status.
By the way, black conservatives and Evangelicals are just as dangerous as White Racist Evangelicals. Why? Because they all vote the same and along side every racist group in our nation and love it. Remember, our vote determine who we really are. You think Trump will lose this base? Don’t bet on it!

God love color or he would not have made us. He would not have put us together on this earth and told us to build it together and multiply. He did not pick anyone or race to dominate over another but to live together in harmony always seeking peace and love between our brothers and sisters. This is the intent.

But power, greed, money, powerful weapon threat, thieving, robbing, for ever conquest of territory and Satan as Captain has always led to a greater nation rising out of the ash with blood on its hand calling itself the greatest, biggest, baddest nation on earth. Even claiming God is standing behind it when God state, as I paraphrase, I know you not. United States!

Yet, a corrupt nation that power will endure until it is no longer needed to a surprise that there is some one greater and great is his name, Jesus Christ.

As true Christians we are to be watchful of those that would defame the word of God. We are not to love them so as to not call them out on their lies and wicked ways. We boldly defend and teach the gospel.

Conservatives, not all, but most, are dangerous to the kingdom of God. You want a ministry? It’s all around you, not in a building. Think about it!