Trump declared himself King of the Jews!

 You may laugh, but don’t get carried away. Just suppose this fool actually get Israel and Palestine to make a peace agreement for a few months. He has time! Would he then be the true anti-Christ. After all, he acts like a beast and lies like Satan. He has support from the Catholic Church and Evilgelicals and maybe the Pope. After all, the Pope is a type of Anti-Christ!

However, I don’t think Satan will be this stupid to show his whole card from the start. Besides, Israel’s King would have to have some Jewish blood. They would never accept an outsider as “King Of The Jews” no matter what Trump day!

What you see is, however, a markup of what is close coming and will come and look like this with military Rule. Four more years of Trump and the world will be ripe for Satan! Almost there now!

People are so violent, hateful and mean in the midst of Churches on every corner. Satan liars ready to enlist. Think about!