False Church Lies And Sunday Sinners! ..... I was heartbroken and down right angry when passing through towns on my way to Washington N.C. Sunday. What I saw would cause Jesus to constantly shake his head and ask God the Father, “when will he bring these blasphemous acts and nature of men to an end.” And from scripture he said, “not long!”

Here’s what I saw and got caught up in.... As I traveled from Washington N.C. into New Bern off of Washington Post Hwy., I was slowed by the police in order to let hundreds of false church worshipers and their vehicles enter the highway. A Church call “Without Limits,” that’s true to its name have cars circling it like frontier wagons attacks. There were so many cars that I could not take the normal short cut back to my hometown.

Turning another direction I attempted to duck the slowing traffic and turn onto Racetrack Rd. When I turned there were one or two vehicles. But when I completed the turn I ran in a holy hell line of cars that I thought was a funeral procession. 

But to my amazement and dismay there sat another Church that called itself “Latitude!” I guess it mean allowing any body! Once again there were police directing the traffic as this building is packed with cars. 

Why was I so angry? Because these are the ones that are spoken of in scripture, God saying, “many many may say Lord Lord but I don’t know them, say the Lord!

So, who are these people Church houses are letting into them claiming God is in there with them by their lying pastors? They are fornicators, adulterous people, liars, haters, unmarried baby makers and shacker’s, thieves, the proud, gossipers, hoers and sluts, gays and all other sin that God sent Jesus to come against. 

These are sins, pastors according to their church names and acceptance, are willing to say that God in the past was once against this type of sin, but now he has accepted it and the place to worship him in their sin is in a building having a pastor that say it’s alright. Just come pay your false tithes to them, worship them and accept the lies they tell them without question and God will welcome you in the end.

Pastors, wisely and cleverly with the help of Satan, seduce the ignorant into thinking they can buy salvation with money and in-turns God will give them things whenever they ask. Fooled by this, these types of people flush money into the false prophets hand and bank accounts. 

They tell the poor they will be blessed but the only blessings to them is from their jobs by their own hands and the pastor or slick prophets receive their blessings by the hundred of thousands of dollars people work so hard to earn then pay it out on Sundays to them to live lavash lives. The people are fools in love with their false pastors. Blinded, unable to see.

Sin is sugar coated or never mentioned. If so, there would be no people to preach to. But yet, false pastors and prophets have these sinful people calling themselves Christians. Why? Because of money, great building structures and high seat power. These leaders does not care about you or they will be telling you the truth. But Money!!

Gays are even taken over false churches and silent is golden as they sweep the United States like an eclipse. All worship together in blasphemy.

But the false church is silent. Threaten by the government to take away their non-profit status, they remain quiet. Money!! For the love of money is this type of church set up for. It is the primary teaching called prosperity that Satan uses false prophets and pastor to keep these people sinning against God. In other words, they are Satan help makes and hell will be their reward. 

The same people in these caravan of cars are the same people on the outside committing and participating in sin that has almost consumed the United States.

Sin is bad in the United States when the head of a country, whom is the greatest liar the world has ever seen or heard of since Satan, now sit in the highest office in the world and is put there by false church people. And his church followers love him. They love his hate!

Just think if all these people were really Christians what a beautiful and loving country and world we would have. 

But as long as there are pastors posing as leaders and shepherds and people coming to the concluding that they can’t worship God without someone leading them, this country and world will continue to degrade and fall deeper into sin.

People must learn that Jesus left us with the written word. Jesus is the only shepherd. He brought us out of the pasture to roam freely and seek food to nourish our own bodies (the word). Each person being responsible for themselves no matter how many other sheeps they meet. No one is going to heaven or receive salvation based on what someone else say about them or a group or organization. This is reserved for Jesus only as our mediator.

There’s no such thing as going to church! You are the Church If you are living the word of God. Not perfect but thriving for perfection. Therefore, you need not go anywhere, because God is in you! Just go your way and sin no more! Enjoy life! Stop giving your money away to make others rich!

When you go some place to hear about God, you have not accepted the word of God, therefore the Bible state, “ you put Jesus through the sacrifice all over again. Go to your bible and read it. I believe if you go to church without being the Church you go to hell! Few there be that make it in. Come out from among them, say the Lord! Now what will you do?

There just was an hurricane and the pastors and people ran and evacuated for dear life. Destruction and flooding. Churches calling on FEMA and insurance companies for help! Taking every handout they could. 

God didn’t come to their rescue during the dark hours but he will come when the sun is shining. How fools pastor’s are making out of you. The intent of God is for us to serve him, spread the gospel and help each other. In the HE will judge each on their own merit. Think about! 

The Bishop