Liar, Liar, Liar: Three Great liars On Earth

 There are three great liars the world have ever seen that now live on earth. The first is Satan, the other is Trump and the last is Evangelicals, the lovers of both liars. 

Since God hates a liar, they all are going to hell! Evilgelicals, call them, may think they are playing God but they may have already long sealed their fate like so many others. Their conscious has been burned and without shame. Without pity and without care neither feelings. 

For they worship the two beasts. The second is now! The first is and is to come, showing himself as seen and as God. Bringing with him nations of fear. The second wears the presidential crown representing the first. For the first is now ruler over all of earth unseen! Yet, manipulate all that will let him, even the second beast! 

For the second beast is Trump and he sits high and boast great glory as Evilgelicals worship him and love him. Even ready to protect and die for him! For they truly carry the first mark given to the second beast, Trump!! 

Yes, the great preparation has begun! Let all that hear, hear and all that see, see! Let all that understand, understand! For God was asked, “how long!” And God replied, “not long!” Think about it!