The expansion of the false Church is huge And So is FEMA

 Most of those pretending to teach right from wrong or counsel others are in themselves false and directly involved into spreading Church lies to past and present listeners. Church house people in a building whom God said he does not live in a house made by man’s hand but in one’s heart is automatically wrong by claiming one must go or come to a building to commune with God even though God said, the people (you) are the temple of God. 

So, anyone that need to go some place to worship or need a crowd of people to worship with for two or three hours on a set aside day is sinning against the word of God. Therefore, until one adhere to the written word of God they should not be telling other people how to act or conduct themselves. 

Some will say, “you think you are perfect.” But the Bible state that we all are sinners and no where near completely satisfying God, because God said the most righteous barely make it. But we are to strive for perfection. This mean we do everything within our zone of biblical acceptance to obey all that is written even though we fall short. This is not perfect but trying to perfect ourselves to please God. God said do not sin!

 When God said not to lie and that he hates a liar and no liar will enter in does not mean “try not to lie but do lie when it’s beneficial to you. Get the filth out of your eye, then you can tell someone about filth in their eyes..... Therefore, to tell someone they must come to a building before they can ask forgiveness from God is a great lie. 

Everyday worship, which is living a righteous life the best we you can every day is service to God. It is one being a true servant! We will sin! But not knowingly sinning! Ignorant is not a Christian trait. We are told to meditate! When we meditate on these things truth will show itself. 

You don’t need no false conformation from some other. Being a Christian does not make one dumb or stupid but smart. The Bible state, the eyes of your understanding has grown. You now see that which is wrong and as a good servant you work for God to correct it, not Marr in it with them. No service no reward. Silent is death! Nothing from nothing leaves nothing! 

This bring me to my final point. You go to Church in a building with others, you got to lie!  Why? Because among other lies, pastors and members have health insurance for protection Incase they get sick. They are depending on doctors and medicines, not God! They take medicine and stand in pharmacy lines waiting to get it. They called on FEMA, not God, for help! Think about it!