The World And Lack Of Christian Resistant…

Faithful until the end for most pretending Christian depend upon their feelings. That is personal, friendly and majority. That is, faithful to my feeling, faithful to those around and faithful to tradition. All which separate one from the True Gospel of the written word of God and God himself.

What does it mean to resist? Why would resisting the devil be so crucial to Gods plan to recruit certain souls from mankind or the inhabitants on earth?

Resisting, as related to Jesus Christ and spiritual things, is God separating the good from the bad. The weak from the strong. The believer from the unbeliever. The endurer from the surrender. The righteous from the unrighteous.

Resisting is not given in to the world nor being submissive to Satan at certain times while thinking to be submissive to God at other times.

But resisting is defying the temptations to be like and or join in with festivals and celebrations falsely attributed to God, Jesus or any being of the Heavenly realm without facts or proof. Resist mean, do not do it!

To be called a Christian is resistant to the devil. It is a defense built up based on the willful standing on the written word of God. A True Christian does this while a false Christian submit and bow to Satan, as saying, yes lord, I’m yours.

False Christians are not expected to resist, but join in with every pretending festival and traditions while unable or unwilling to want to clarify the different between right and wrong. They are drawn by the world and the joy it offers. Justification is always on their lips and eager to spread their joy to others is paramount to their kind of unwritten love. 

However, this love is for each other in the world as the world attempt to become one in love for a minute or until the clock strike midnight. 

Resist the devil and he will flee from you is basis of Christianity. Unable to separate one’s self from the world can only mean one is not a Christian. They cannot stop looking back and eventually turned into a pillow of stone.

There is a reason for Christ and a reason for Christ looking for particular people. One must be a fool to think that God want just anyone or anybody that say or call on the name of God. 

God will not be mocked and in this case many people mock God with their chatter toward God in a sense to think this will make God change in some way because they speak sometime in favor of him.

Such attitudes will not change nor altar the course and plan of salvation. God will not be tricked nor will wolves in sheep clothing slip across the fence.

Is Christmas real for Christians or is it something made up for the world? Do the world at whole celebrate it? Yes! What about Easter? Yes! Do the false Church celebrate it? Yes!

Why? Because the world loves a lie, and this lie is heighten by the involvement of the false Church whom perpetuate it in the name of God not caring it is a lie.

Listen to this, a story. It goes. … “God spoke to Jesus and said, My Son, they once again celebrate your birthday, but I ask you, ..”Is it your birthday” Jesus responded, “NO!” 

“God said, “I know this and you no this, but the people down on earth insist on celebrating your birthday. They even gave it a date.” Now I ask, “is this your date of birth?” Jesus replied again, “NO!”

Jesus said, “this false church in my name I do not know. But there are a few remaining of the True Church that is standing despite the hate and sadness they endure from others. For them I say, “Stand,” for your reward shall be great. But for the wicked, those that lie and take my name in vain shall reap what they sow in everlasting punishment.” 

“If I accept this lie, then all I said and taught them could be challenged as a lie. True Christian no better than to mix my words with lies. Those that does it are liars and they are the false Church pretending in my name for their own enjoyment.” “Few there be that make it in.”

Above is a thought from my mind as I attempted to “Look into the mind of God.” (you must read on my website, “A look into the mind of God and a brick wall”).

Just saying you are a Christian means nothing. God is looking for particular people for work or a cause in the world to come. How he want them is laid out in the bible. 

[“A Church is a military of Christians fighting for the souls of mankind rather that helping Satan destroy them. The force of Satan has pushed unrighteousness forward covering most of the world, we the Christian are the last to stand. The last great hope of preserving mankind. Even though with our backs to the wall we fight right on. We are the last resistant!”]

To put it straight forward to you, if you celebrate a false lie toward the son of God, you are not a Christian, but a pretender. The same goes for Easter fools or I mean Easter Celebrators. Think about it!