The False Church vs. The True Servant

 The Job of the Servant of God is always, when possible, to speak out against sin. There is always a never ending supply of sinners waiting.

 So why are there so many and growing like seeded grass right next to a false building called ‘Church?”… However, if this sort of mingling is not preaching against sin, then what are people doing there? 

Lets look at the false church basic teachings to see exactly what people do there for God.

 Number 1. They talk all the time about God healing the sick. We know this is not true because all have health insurance and pay for it each month for human coverage and protection. Any talk of God healing would be a lie. God need no doctor to heal for him either. This is a cute saying or lie, but hold no water.

2. Next! They can’t pray to stop death. This is out of their league. Saying they can is a lie. 

3. The false church teach that one must enter a building to worship or go to hell This is also a lie. 

4. Saying God will take away your sorrows and worries. This really is a big fat lie because these are part of our human DNA. Even God displayed such actions throughout the bible. 

These sorrows and worries must be identified and separated from human causes vs. spiritual, ending redemption and Godly reward. 

5. Sin is not practice because anyone of all kind of sinful behavior and character is welcomed and allowed to remain in good standing as long as tithes are paid. All is a lie.

6. They practice tithes and tithing under threats and lies, ignoring “Free will.” Tithes is not for the church. It’s Old Testament Malachi. God is not ordering any one to pay it under the false church. We come to God under our own free will. Grace is free. Christ gave himself upon the cross freely.

So, if none of this is true and is not of God, then what is left for them that go to church?

 Let’s look at other things they lie about,

7. We know God doesn’t wake billions of people up ever hour of the day all around the world. And no, he’s not multi-tasking either. This is a lie.

8. God work me up this morning and sent me out here or to church. Lie! God don’t play games or send people to do anything. We go to others because of our love for God and love for the people. We do the will of God. All his word is written in what we call a “Bible.”

9. Shouting because you are happy for some unknown reason because you said the Almighty came all the way from Heaven to have you go through hissy fits. For what! This is a lie. If God does not live in a wooden building made by hands, they why would he change his mind and come have you run and jump all over the place in a building. Besides, such in the bible was considered to be possessed. For example the man in chains. Yes, shouting in these building is a lie.

Now, let’s take a look a what we have if we take away all of the above from the false church. What would be left? None other than a place to false pretend, party, have fun and plenty enjoyment? Neither being in the will of God. 

But even when you mix these back in, you still have lies, lies, and more lies along with false pretending, partying, fun and enjoyment.

The bottom line is, in the false church “Nothing from nothing, leaves nothing.” Serving is in the heart. Your own body. In spirit.

A good servant know what their master hope is of them. We are in the world but not of the world. We have an every day job to war against Satan. We are warriors against sin. And while in this war and worldly happiness we must be ever so vigilant not to trap our own selves with friendly connections.

When the final books of life are read to you, what will you hope to be in there to speak for you? What battles did you fight, win or lose? What struggles did you put forth for hope of saving souls? The church is the people. God doesn’t need a building, he has his own.

A servant of God is like a policeman or a super hero. We fight sin! Being silence is not a servant.