TODAYS FALSE CHRISTIANITY And Pastor worshiping is about to begin.

Many have already started. They will give praise and worship towards the pastor who can do nothing for them. The pastor is channeling money only. They can care less who bow before them. 

All street runners, fornicators, adulterers, liars, thieves, haters, gossipers, drunkards, dope smokers, shackers, wife beaters, twirkers, liars, back bitters, molesters, baby makers, trouble makers and more sin will gather together to give praise to who they call, “THEIR PASTOR!”

And “THEIR PASTOR” will say, “WELCOME INTO THE HOUSE OF THE LORD!” Yes, the pastor will openly lie to them all and all will adore them!

This “TYPY OF HOUSE” is not the true “House of the Lord,” but 'A DEN OF INIQUITIES!” For the “House Of The True Lord” is “THE BODY!” For TRUE worshipers are the “TEMPLE OF GOD!” 

THIS TEMPLE is your body, your brain, your heart, your consciousness. These are the “HOUSE” that the “WORD OF GOD” can live in. When needed, it brings back to memory what we learned. No buildings have souls! No buildings can substitute for the “SPIRIT” of God!

So, many will go thinking they need to hear and learn. For the “TRUE CHRISTIAN” have no need of teaching or being taught. Only the unlearned. 

But you can’t be taught when the one teaching are in need of being taught themselves! Blind leaders leading the blind. Satan at his best!

But only the pastor’s name ring holy in the hearts and minds and especially from the mouths of those engaging in “PASTOR WORSHIPING” today and on Sundays.

Yet, my warning will go into one ear and out the other. And humankind will continue to pack hell full when the time comes. You see, the Bible say, hell expands itself! I wonder why!

But, don’t be confused. Other religions are worst than the false Church and will surely be included in the “Second Death also. But you don’t have to be with them. 

Become True Christians, Now! Reject lies and foolishness! Wise up and you will see the lies told on God and will question them and do come out from among them.

You want falsely go to Church and learn anything greater than what you are getting right now. I’m still waiting for challengers! Think about it!

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