Pretenders go to Church… true Christian go to work

 A quick prayer every Christian should live by every day…. Know Thyself….

This morning I do what I always do since claiming my Christianity, I give thanks and praise to God and the Son of God.

I thanked you God for the life force in me that allow me to still be alive. I thank him (you) for my health and strength whether good or bad. Through the bad, because I must be alive to endure through the bad that there may be in hope good in the end……

I thank him (you) for family and friends. That is, that they are alive and, also enduring. I Thank him (you) for all the blessings I’ve receive, whether through my own efforts or efforts from others. Without life no blessing flow. I thank you for life……

I thank him (you) for Jesus and Jesus, your sacrifice, that allow, not only me, but all those that accept you as their personal savior, to ask and receive forgiveness of sins while taken on a new life. Knowing now that my old self has been be put away and I live accordingly to the will of God and not mine. …..

Heavenly Father I will do my best to represent your name, not just one day but every day that I claim to be a Christian in Jesus name. Amen! .....

If this is your prayer, thanks and belief out of sincerity you need not go anywhere to be in a special place to worship God. Why? Because he is in you. He is the word in you! You take him everywhere you go.

But if you have to go find God or receive the word of God again and again because you were told the word of God is short lasting and you must be regenerated four time a month, therefore, in a building is where he is, and you can’t worship him unless you come to this building, then you remain loss. You are confused!

Confused people are not Christians, just pretending to be Christians. Why do you think this so called Christian nation of the United States with millions of people belonging to Church buildings are so corrupted, sinful and hateful? What good has going to Church done? Nothing!

Things won’t get better until people become the real Church. Stop going and become fighters of truth. Sin goes on everywhere and in mostly everything…. Get involved. Do the work of God! Think about it!