Pastors Paying For Health Insurance Not Relying On God

If Church house people are paying for medical Health Insurance and doing it by the month, is it just in case or a backup when God do not answer their prayers?
 If pastors get rid of their health insurance and reject any medical help of any kind and state, they will now rely on the mercy of God in Church buildings and they told you to do the same, will you?

 Will you reject medical health care for your children and do away with your family health Insurance that consist of prescription drugs, dental, eye glasses and even stop all visits to all health care centers offered by the government and follow after them with trust? 

If these are things you are not willing to do, then why do you keep telling others to pray to God to heal their sickness and pain when you do not believe it? 

The false Church must learn that our salvation is not based on what we want God to do for us in this life, but what we can do for God, for others by way of righteous life style and character suitable for the acceptance of God and our new life in the new world to come for us. Think about it!