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Bobby E. Ward
Pastor Worship And Blind Faith - A morning In Chirch

Hurry up and get dressed honey! The pastor don’t want us to be late. I think I’ll wear my new hat and dress I just bought! It cost me $100. I wonder what Sister Jane gonna wear! In any case I’m gonna be looking good. I’m going to show up and show out when the music start. Sister grace will be singing and I gotta get my, “yes he will do it in.” Hurry up so we can get a good seat, baby!

I wonder what the pastor will teach us about ourselves today. It’s been a whole week and I need a little more Jesus. Yea, but I done forgot about what the pastor taught us last week. Let me think! Hummm!!! 

Hey Honey! Do you now what the pastor taught us last week? No! But if it came from pastor slicker you know it was something good. I just love to hear the Bible stories told. Remind me when I was a little child and my mother would read me bedtime stories. Besides, he or she has a degree and is our shepherd and leader. You know we can’t get to heaven unless we go through our pastor! 

Yes, I know! Ain’t it good to have a pastor that God will listen too? The pastor is just like Jesus! If the pastor say we’re going to heaven, we’re going to heaven! Ain’t that good news sweetheart? It certainly is dear. Now let’s get outta here, the pastor is waiting.

Oh! There’s Bud and his family. He said the pastor came by their house to get him to do some work at the church. He said, they were listen to their favorite hip hop songs when the pastor rang the door bell. He said, they quickly cut the music off, his wife stop twirking, kids ran to their bedrooms, room cleaned, then ran to the door, almost tripping over a chair to let the pastor in. He said they almost got caught.

Ain’t that something dear? They don’t care about who God has watching and writing down beside our names, but worry about what the pastor might say if they caught them partying. ... I could have told them the pastor has his own collection of oldies but goodies, hee, hee!!!

Oh! Let’s be quiet, the pastor is about to be introduced by his wife. She’s wants us to stand and clap as the pastor comes forth. Boy, the power the pastor must be feeling right now! We all are here to see the pastor and in a few second he or she will tell us again how to act and what not to do or say. 
Can’t wait!!

But sweetheart, doesn’t the Bible tell us how to act? Shouldn’t we, as Christians, already know how to act? It would seem so, but what are we to do when the pastor say we are going to hell if we don’t come under them and we can only get to heaven if we come to church and come through them. I’m so confused! A lot of are, my love!

Well, you know the pastor say God is in this place, so we better be careful of what we say. Shhh!!! The pastor is speaking. 

The pastor is telling us Jesus love us! Did you no that dear? I did! The pastor say we have to confess our sins before God. Did you know that dear? Yes I did? The pastor say we got to change. Did you know that to, dear? Yes I did honey. So, why are we here if we know this dear? Because our beloved pastor say so, honey pot!

Wow! Look at how the pastor and his wife are dressed. Must paid good money for suit. Yea! The wife spent good money on that ring too!

Listen! My favorite sermon and story time is being preached. “Daniel in the lion den.” No, not me, I like the 7 Churches of Revelation. Boy, the pastor put something on that story! 

Well, the pastor has finished his sermon. How did you like it? Well, I kinda went to sleep, I heard that sermon two weeks ago over at pastor Greengrass Church.

Look, the pastor is calling those that want to be saved to come before them. The pastor say that if anyone want to be saved from death they must come to church and come through them. Only then can they have access to Jesus. 

I told you the pastor had power dear! No one can come to Jesus unless they come to a building and through the pastor. The pastor is the only way to receive redemption from Jesus. We need the pastor to guide us, he knows what’s best for us.

That’s why I love my pastor so, honey, besides, the pastor just told those people they are now saved! 

Yes! That’s right! But dear, how can they be saved if God haven’t judged them yet? It’s’ this determination left up to God only. That it’s up to him, God, who is saved from hell or not. I think you’re right, sweetheart.

Therefore, if anyone tell another they are saved are both lying to them and lying on God! If they are saved on earth in their present state would’t that make them gods with us, and they will never get sick or die again? ... Yea babe, it seem so!

Hey sweetheart, got a few dollars to pay the pastor. We all ready paid tithes honey! Yea, but the church need more money to fun our king and queen show coming up. 

Plus the pastor and his wife have to get some of this load of money too. We have to pay for their homes, swimming pools, jets, and this beautiful churches in their names, right my love? Yes dear!

Here come the pastor and associates! The pastor is by the door. Wow, I’m shaking all over. I just want to greet the pastor and shake their hand. 

Hey pastor, your plate of food and your special place is ready for you and the First Lady to eat. You must be served first before any one else can eat.

Honey let’s go. We’ll be late for the party thrown by sister get down. Besides, I want to call sister Late All The Time, and tell her what she missed. The pastor through down!

Can’t wait till next week when I pay the pastor to tell me what I should already no! Maybe one day I will understand that the pastor can’t get me into heaven. And that all I need to receive Christ and learn of his desire for me is located inside the Bible. Read it, believe it and live on it. Then go about your business and when you get the chance, tell others. 

Going to a false church, lying and producing worst people have not profited God at all. The false church has profited no one but uncalled pastors and fast talking money grubbing Evangelicals out to enrich themselves.

They all have followers following them like rock stars, but they can do nothing for you. They can’t even say they will go to heaven. At what I see and hear, many will not make it in. 

When you rush to see a pastor speak with so much love for them that you fear them more than God, then you are Pastor Worshiping. Think about it!