Pastor worshiping and mingling

 What is the real reason for sinners to be attracted to a Church or buildings to worship in? When they come, why aren’t they rejected and told this was the house of the righteous? Instead they are told the doors of the Church are open to everyone. 

This is an incorrect statement made by pastors, for the true meaning is “he that so ever will let them come!” That is, anyone can have access to salvation just by believing, and of course, living accordingly to the word of God if they want to. 

The false Church has adopted a tradition carried on by others to twist and ad to the word of God in order to maintain a status quo. That is, building a congregation of peasants or subjects to rule over. To gather power through “taxes (money) without representation, being that there is nothing a pastor can do for anyone except collect money.  

Salvation is personal and between three people only. Me, you, Jesus and Finally, God the Father. Pastors will use such statements from the Bible, like, “how can they hear without someone teaching them.” However, for Christianity to start, such teachings were necessary. Since then billions of bibles and millions of Christians spread the gospel over thousands of years. Some good, some bad. 

The only truth remained is in forms of written scripts and bibles. Many accepted the word, without reading for themselves, from many false prophets who establish power and status through building of Churches to harness the gospel for self purpose. Pastors or leaders told people that anyone that comes to a building whether good or bad and accept Jesus as their savior would be saved and their sins forgiven them. 

Many did what they were told. They were taught yet, never fully relinquishing their full sins but holding to others through justification. Thus, self righteousness through justification became the major Church practices. This led to pastor worshiping where people were taught and taught to believe they were Christians while denying the truth. They became constant learners never understanding the truth. Needing constant reminding of God’s word over and over. 

Such lack of true understanding led false Christian to accepting but denying the will of God. They believe they are faithful worshipers because they are told to be so and they must come to a building and come before a pastor to receive God and stay righteous. That anyone entering this building with a knowledge of Christ are believed to be a Christian. Not living the will of God is excuse, so, the doors are open for anyone of any kind to be welcome. 

Therefore, those that welcome the bad or sinners are no greater than they. So we have the blind leading the blind and they all fall into the ditch, so say the Bible. All led by the false pastor(s) whom made a career out of lying to them, believing and teaching God loves everyone and everyone that enter their Church will truly enter heaven no matter of their constant sinning.

 Ignorance of truth have pastors believing in lies elevated by Satan. They past their lies on to others where they spread like a bad disease infecting many because they sound good, yet having no factual background or able to produced any factual proof. 

But the ending of this truth is, “no man come to the Father but by me,” said Jesus. The word of God is everywhere. You must live it! You can’t like it! Going to Church is liking it! A justification to continue certain sins!. An animal sacrifice! Not a personal sacrifice. Sinners are attracted to Church Buildings because they both have something in common. Lies and sinning, something God stated, “will not enter heaven.” 

Come out from among them and I will receive you say the Lord! Mingling in a False Church is death! Think about it!