Our Enemy The Church

Believe it or not, but our most greatest enemy is the Republican Church. Yes, the very Church that claimed God put Donald Trump into office is our worst enemy and has been since slavery. They say Donald Trump speaks for them. Does this mean God is a liar and lunatic just like Luna Trump? I think not!
 They say they prayed to God and God have delivered righteousness to the Oval Office. But then, why are they begging their representatives not to get rid of Obamacare? Something is wrong with this picture. 

They voted to take away Obama Care out of hate and now want Obama Care to stay because they know they can’t get it any better if it’s greatly altered. In other words, they and others screwed up big time.

But any case, the Church is completely split and it’s getting even wilder. So called Christian from the right has gotten more hateful and more dangerous since Luna Trump took office. But both sides, Left and right, refuse to see both are the false Church. Warring!

Things with Christians will never be right or Christian brothers as the bible want it, as long as there are opposing government parties. This along should let you know you have always been taught wrong. No such things as divided Christians, but all on “one accord,” say the Bible.

By the way, some of your favorites speakers are Luna Trumps followers. Speakers like Joel Osteen and Joyce Myers. These are those you think have your best interest at heart, but behind closed doors, they support and stand by the most hated and racist societies and people in our society. Conservatives and the Republican. They are vote the same.

 “In vain do they worship me“, say the lord. “Come out from among them,” say again the Lord. “The blind leading the blind, and they all fall into the ditch” once more say the Lord God.l

The Church is broken and the largest part if it is the “False Church.“ Only a remnant of the true Church exist, and it’s scattered like planets hunted by NASA! Think about it!