The Church is people. Jesus nor his disciple would never say nor make such a ridiculous remark. How can people go to sit on people. No people didn’t go to Church in Jesus day. Church is just people believing in their hearts the word of God. 

If you would read your Bible and stop listening to liars you would read that you or I am the Temple of God. If you will read your Bible you will also read where Jesus said he do not live in a house made by hands. But it seem you think Jesus lied and do live in a building and you go there to find him. 

If you would read and stop listening to false pastors you will learn that you and I are the building and temple that the word of God abides in. ... Jesus saying I’ll build me a Church does not mean a building but a body of people that will serve him freely from the heart where obedience is active upon from within. Every time you go somewhere or to a building you are going away from God. You are saying there is nothing in you to obey God away from a building. 

Therefore, you are still a sinner not knowing how and where to go to worship. You are confused! I am worshiping God in my actions everyday and need no certain time or place to do it. ... If your eyes would be focusing on what’s in front of you you should see that building worship and lies told in them have exposed liars with COVID-19. ... What have your kind of Church done to prevent it or stop the deaths that’s occurring this very moment. What can you do since you have so much faith in a building? Nothing! What can your false pastor do? Nothing but collect money and tell first grade children stories. ...

I have to go because like many others you pastor worship a pastor like they are your Gods. You worship them more than God. It is them you go to these buildings to worship and not God because God is not there. Right now you challenge me because it keeps you away from your savior. Your pastor! ... So tomorrow, go to your Church and bow and praise the one you dress so nicely to see and hear! Have a nice day! But If you say God is doing anything physically in this world, you lie! 

So go find your pastor and enjoy your lies! I’ll rely on the word of God in me. Why? Because Jesus said, he was in me a I am in him! No where does a building come into this picture. .. OH, by the way. Fellowshipping was for the disciples coming together to compare the gospel and best ways to spread it. It was starting this new gospel. Has nothing to with people gathering in building claiming we were told to fellowship. In the US! Do it look like it worked!


Since when did Jesus send someone to a sanctuary. Where and what scripture is this. Why would Jesus send someone away from him? We do judge those who do not no what they are talking about. Disciples went to temples already set up for the Israelites. They only went there because this was where false worshiper were. They went there to teach those that never heard of Jesus, the word of God, and that the old ways of serving through sacrificing was no more because Jesus truly was the Son of God and he come to us to make the only and last blood sacrifice for all men to be forgiven of sins. 

That this sacrifice gave the world the opportunity to just ask for forgiveness of sin and If you are truthful, you are forgiving and not live that sinful life again. We are redeemed. Bought by the price of Jesus given his life for us so that we may receive salvation. ..

You speak about getting upset! Well, a true Christian fight against the evils of the devil. It is not a laughing job. Cooling down is what sinners of Israel and the Roman government wanted Jesus to do. But Jesus didn’t stop! Jesus called them hypocrites and fools.

The Bible tells true Christian to debate the gospel to try to get people to change their ways of thinking. You can’t be a Christian and not hate seeing people destroy themselves and especially when they spew out twisted lies that confuse innocent people. God was always upset with Israel. In fact, to the point he turned from them to the gentiles. Called them hardheaded. Many people are so called teaching the gospel that should be dog trainers. Being smart and yet ignorant is dangerous to the cause of God. ... 

By the way.! When using the word SANCTUARY remember, it’s a modern day word used for TABERNACLE or tent or temporary dwelling. A sanctuary is where we find safety and comfort. In this case Jesus is our SANCTUARY. No mention of an outside sanctuary where Christians found safety while being hunted by Romans in the Bible. No mention of any disciple telling people to come to a temple to find peace. 

Next! Jesus couldn’t down what didn’t exist or occurred. I am not your brother as long as you are spreadingj false lies on God. I want tell you to pray on, but I will tell you to study to show yourself approved to teach others.