What's wrong with Republicans!  Just plain hateful

How can I explain it. But hypocritical. That's what I say about Republicans. They swear by the Church as though God is just like them. They cannot get over ObamaCare or ACA (The  Affordable Care Act), is about to make poor people or middle class people that cannot afford good insurance able to afford it. They are literally praying to God to make it fail. However, the website is working better and better but that do not stop the crazies from still hoping for failure. But guess what? There are a lot of Republicans signing up for ObamaCare behind closed doors. They might be raising sand in public, but behind closed doors they aint completely off the deep end.
This is what I call sneaky and people that can't be trusted. You think about it!

Angle Worshiping

The United States is fastly losing it sight on God. I've heard angle worshiping before but I just thought it was an oversight. But at the wreckage of actor Paul Walker, star of Fast and the Furious, Van Diesel, another star of Fast and Furious and a friend of Paul Walker, stated to onlookers, "show the angel in heaven how much we appreciated him"......... I've never seen any where where angels created humans or anything or had the power of creation. This is just another act to where people want to deny the existence of God and give thanks to angels. Weird! You think about!

Christ and Christmas

No such thing. Read my Christmas thoughts and facts from my home page at www.ministriesofchrist.org

Farewell to Former President Nelson Mandela and shame on America

We morn the death of the first black South African President, Nelson Mandela, who blazed a trail for equal rights and opportunity between blacks and whites and manage through many obstacles make his dream come true for the nation of South Africa and the viewing world.

He died on Thursday night Nov. 5th at 8:PM at the age of 95. The world owe him a lot as a peace maker and activist as a freedom fighter for all people. He will be missed and our condolences to his family and friends.

As a minister I cannot forget my place as my allegiance is to God and the truth as I see it. The United States at this time is in a morning state whereas half the nation opposed the freedom and turn deaf ears to brutality handed out by the South African's regime.

This black mark of US racist do nothing fell upon the Administration of President Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party for not denounce the hateful acts during Apartheid but supported the brutality handed out by white South Africans toward and on black South Africans.

Even today after much freedom has been gained in South Africa, the United Stated which, was pretending at that time to be leaders in the free world of civil rights and freedom find itself still bound in deep racial discrimination and deep division within itself today.

Half our nation, being mostly the Republican Party, still have great hate for blacks and minorities and fight tooth and nail to prevent them from having equal rights whether in jobs or basic life needs.

On the issue of Mandela, a lot of political backers of Apartheid in the Republican Party are still in office in our nation and just like the hate of the past this same hate is still there but translated into false faces, trickery and new laws that slowly cut the life line of those they don't like.

While condolences are given from leaders and friends alike from around the world the Republican Party remain silence. Their evil is so deep that even if one decided to speak nice of Mandela it is not to be believe. It's what you do that make a different and not what one just say.

We know that Obama has been called every thing but a child of God by the Republicans from the birtha issues to the many degrading pictures we find on the web.

We also know that Martin Luther King nor Mandela has said anything to deter Confederates wanna be's or white supremacist from flourishing . Or gun lovers and racist militias from forming. They're done nothing to persuade many Republicans from wanting to separate from the nations because of the hate of blacks and of a black president name Obama. Not even getting many of the rich to help the poor. And it goes on and on in the hearts and minds of most Republicans, if not all.

In the year 2013  or any ear into the future the United Should should not be looking to other nations to show us how to live together regardless of our race. The Church which was suppose to be our savior has become or burden from the Republican right.

I wonder right now what's going through the hearts and minds of the GOP and it's party as they hear the recap of blacks and minorities struggle in South Africa. Do it remind them of the struggle in our country that is still burning.

People wanting their rights and be equal under the law. The right to be treated fairly under the law. The right to have decent health insurance. More than that the right afforded the government to take care of it's people. All people rather rich, poor, sick or in need.

Republican are quiet and is listening to the life of Mandela but that's just about all it is. Listening! they want hear and waits for an opportunity to let us know.

Missed opportunity by US leaders

Fox news are pretending to care about Mandela and his life. We all know they are just talk and forced into a coverage they cannot get out of. It's sickening to watch them struggle to pretend like they care about the poor.

As I listen to so called great men in the news speak highly of Mandela I find it disgusting that most is so fixed on his life that they are missing a great opportunity to remind our nation of the racism that should be behind us rather than on the increase. People should be reminded that the dream we hoped for is still far behead of us.

That we, that was once the teacher of the world is now needing to be taught truth and reconciliation by the students of other nations. Disgraceful.

We look around at the greatest nation on earth to see people still in the streets fighting for equal rights and equal pay. Marching against unfair treatment for the way blacks and minorities are treated under the same law.

A law that freed a killer for killing an innocent black kid, but yet, incarcerate a black woman for 20 years for just shooting a gun in the wall to scare her abusive husband. The law used excuses like, "there were children in the other room" to hold her in jail away from her children now awaiting her fate.

My hope is that a few Republicans will open up their eyes and see that civil rights is the right of all people. That equal rights and opportunity should be shared by others as well as yourselves. That to be a Christian one must love their neighbor as themselves. If you can't do that then no matter how much you go to church or call yourself a Christians your fate is still HELL!

So farewell to both great civil rights leaders. Mr Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. Your works are not in vain. The fight continues. Now think about it!


Being this today and that tomorrow

Just because you was brought up in Church and spent every praying Sunday in Church or still think you have a love for God while deviling into other twisted activities simply because you acknowledge Jesus in certain clever words or statements doesn't make it so. In fact, if your mind is not on lining your life with the word of God in your life then what you know or is trying to do is all in vain. Most people's serving is in vain. What do I mean? Just that it's not as easy as the preacher pretend it to be. The word of God is not a paragraph of mouthy words but a collection of books from God to heal the mind and the heart when these words are written in them. Learn and follow them. Being this today and that tomorrow want cut it. You think about it!


Should your pastor be fired for lying on Christ about Christmas

Sure they should. This is a blatant lie that nearly every pastor tell at this time of year. They all are liars and should not be in the pulpit. They and all those that call themselves ministers. There is no one day of thanks. There is no certain time for miracles that never take place anyway. There is no birth of Christ on
December 25th.

But there is a birth day of historical pagan worshiping of a god call Mihtra, the Egyptian god which was born on December 25th,  also "called the Light of the World" that people once worshiped. Yes, this is still his birthday people are ignorantly celebrating. You have been dupe by the Catholic Church.

But that's not all your pastor is lying to you about. If they lie to you about Christ being in this so-called Christmas then what else are they lying about. Read more truth on my sight.  Enjoy harvest ending, blessing and prosperity and give a gift of love and enjoy the season's ending with joy, lights and even your Santa Claus.

But wait! Let's suppose this Christ pretending was real. If so, then Jesus has never been the center of attention. Santa Claus has and still is. Who bring up the rear in every Christmas Parade? Never a Jesus figure but a Fat Jolly person dressed in a Santa Claus suit getting cheers and hand claps.

I thought it was a Christmas parade. But instead, it's a Santa Claus Parade with his millions upon millions of followers. Now you think about if you dare. Fire that lying pastor or make them face up to the truth. If not, hell will be their home.


Republican  false sense of Caring in the Omaga Season

Can you imagine, how for the last 5 years, Republicans have fought to take away everything they can from the poor. They even want to deny us raises that would keep us from asking for handouts. They despise equal rights and believe in the Church supporting the power of the rich against the poor.

But now, in this holiday season of blessing and prosperities, they pretend they have super heart breaking love for their fellowmen by doing extra smiling and giving away toys in boxes placed in stores like Walmart to give to needed families they now claim need their help.

What kind of people are they? On one hand they say we poor people are takers and don't want to work or doesn't deserve to eat if you don't work and on the other hand they say they want to give to those that's in need by placing gifts for them in boxes left at pick up points or a slice of pie, a turkey wing and a can of pork n beans that better last for 12 months to make their holiday meaningful.

It's funny how people fall for their satanic tricks and take them as loving caring thoughtful Church people who want to make poor people lives happy for a day. But let's not forget, this fake Christmas love is just for a day. Ask your pastors why this one day of so-called love can't be every day as God want it? Just a show and nothing more.

Yes, it only last for a day and they know it and so do you. After the 25th of December things will be back as usual on the 26th of not wanting to give the poor not one more cent or another piece of bread. Yes, after the 25th no one will really care about those so-called needy people they seem to care so much about, not even the Church.  You're on your own. Republicans now want back what they gave. Happy "Omega" Celebration! You think about it!


Both Democratic and Republican Churches are Liars

The Church on the right and left is full of pretending with no sense of wanting to obey the word of God. They get set on the ways of the world and accept things as they are with out challenging what they hear a few disagree against. Christmas! But they prefer destroying the messenger.

Using Christ's name to promote sinful activities by any and all kind of people then say God endorse's it is wrong coming from the Church. There is no justification from such a lie. Where is the separation of the Church and the world. There isn't any! They're both one. You see both doing the same thing.

Just suppose God did accept such people of the world, it would do away with hell as a place that exist for the wicked and there would be no such thing as judgement day because there would be no sinners to be judged because God accepts everyone that celebrates Christ's so-called false birthday.

This is how nearly every American see themselves during this holiday, as worshipers of Christ,  or do they really? No they don't! But just enjoying another holiday of partying and booze..

This is ridiculous and very stupid and narrow minded to think that a sinful country like the United States that is an abomination before God with it's laws of marriages that curse the face of God, would think God will forgive such blasphemous laws against him.

Yet, Churches promote this holiday lie. So the Church is responsible for spreading the lie. All the world has to do is think of something, call it love and since the Church make up a large mass of people, all is needed is get them in on it and away it go. The Church pushes it on people from then on.  Can't take this no more. Enough said! You think  about it!

Will straight people in the future go to jail for denying homosexuality

Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson, made a comment in DQ magazine against gays and their liken to bestiality. Let me make a statement here by saying I do not like most of what Republican Churches stand for but I do agree with them that gay activities are against God.

Many Democrats support my reasoning although you will not know it because the Democratic news medias speak for the party along with a few high level people that supports anus back doors sex where as a man board another man just like an animal. Phil is correct.

I give you a warning. If you support such filth as this, when you don't need God or any scripture to tell you this is wrong, then you are hell bound already. There is no place in the coming world for you because there is no use for you in building worlds. (See front page "A look into the mind of God").

There"re a lot of smart mouth demonic people out there that already have their name written on hell's gate. These are those that have gone so far as to be the devil's advocate in protecting the rights of these people  against God. Twisting the minds and turning others against any one that speak out against homosexuality. Saying they should be ashame because we live in a different world, or twisting what God say in scriptures.

These are slick workers of Satan and is ready at the drop of a hat to protect the very thing that will destroy the soul of man. If you want to know what can cause the greatest downfall of the world and especially America? It will be the advancement of homosexuality that will destroy the words of God when told Adam and eve to "go and multiply." Something only a man and woman can do.

When the world can no longer multiply it will start to dwindle. Man then will turn to test tubing. Baby in a bottle. Fertilization. Something that will certainly bring anger from God that will leave him know choice but to bring destruction of a kind never see before.

Whether this will be the end times or not, it will happen and the United States is the head and this head must be cut off or brought under control or the United will corrupt the world as is it's intention. Harsh but true.

For example:

Right now as I speak, actions in the United States are being taken against Russia to boycott the coming Olympic game because Putin speak out against gays in his own country. The United States, right now is "the Great Abominator". The little god nation making the entry of Satan as God more easier.

Two thing I will say to those that protect Gay rights against God is: 1. When two men having sex or two women having sex can multiply, giving birth to children to keep the population growing then let me know.

We do not hate gays, just what gays does sexually and the rights they want to promote it and promoting the same to our children through public forum.

2. Please do not believe the masses nor join them in their quest to destroy the world. Remember, Noah and his family was a few. Millions went up against them and millions drowned. Only Noah, his family and certain of the animals was saved.

The Bible always refer to the few that will be saved. Are you part of the few. Will you stand or will you remain an enemy of God and suffer then die with the many. Your faith is in your hands but truth must prevail.

Please read my front page message, " A good man was sentenced to death for condeming Homosexuality". With Phil Robertson, it has started and will get worse. Once again I've proved my point. Also read, "A look Into the mind of God". 

CNN news commentators need to interview me on homosexuality. They no exactly who to get, democratically, to help them spread the great lie. I dare them get in touch with me. I have questions for them. It want happen! Please someone send them my way.You think about it.


A drinking cursing alcoholic Christian or is he

I was confronted by a person that love to drink whisky, cuss and lie with every vocal cord in his body say to me that "God told him to call his friend down in Florida and when he did he found out his friend's mother had died two weeks earlier".

Needless to say, I asked him, "what has he done so great that God would talk to him and nobody else?" Especially when he does nothing to obey the word of God.

I ask you the same question. Can you answer? If not then read my website. This is what pastors have done for people. You think about it! 

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