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Liars on God will never stop

People you must call out liars whenever you hear them tell lies of what God is doing for them or God is healing. Ask them, “if God is doing so much where is he doing it and show us? If they are being taking care of by God, then why do they have health and dental insurance? Ask them if they ever been to the doctor and why? Why have health insurance if they can call on God to do their will.

Ask them why they never save lives but pretend afterward to tell people what God will do. You see liars on God will not go by nursing homes and tell their lies to those there. These will easily call them liars.

They will not use their power to get God to do away with hospitals or sickness. There are many homes with sick children in them. Why don’t they ask God, since God listen to them, to heal those kids? Why don’t they get God to help people and children in war areas or do they think their God only works in the United States and read Facebook?

You see, liars need other liars to tell their lies to. It’s easy to tell others lies on Facebook because there will always be another liar that believe the lie they hear.

How can someone get God Almighty to come to earth just for them? How can they even make contact with God? Call these people out! Make them prove what they say. Any body can say anything when they are far away from others having not to prove it. False Christians just can’t stop lying.  

All these great ministers, why don’t they prove what they say? Start doing away with sickness and worries. You can’t! Stop the lies!!!!!